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Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novels mean so much to so many people. We’ve created this space so we can all share what it means to be a Menyon! This is a fun, supportive page where you can post images (tattoos, fan art…just to name a few), stories, videos, music playlists, and anything else that inspires you! If you are reading her newest novels, please be wary of spoilers πŸ™‚ we want to welcome everyone no matter their stage on their Kenyon journey.

Newest comments are posted at the end of the thread! Have fun!

  1. I love reading Sherrilyn’s books! They help me to relax throughout the day, and I have caught myself talking to the characters in the books as though they can hear me, I have even caught myself having conversations with them after I have read a book as though they are standing next to me. It is so hard to leave a character after I finish reading a book. She is one of the best authors I have read.

  2. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of the few things I have in common with my 13 year old daughter. I introduced her to Chronicles of Nick, she became so addicted that she CRIED when she finished the last book and found out she has to wait a year for another one… She’s even been Simi for Halloween, a very PG rated Simi, but Simi none the less. Now, she begs me to let her read Dark Hunter but, she’s 13… No Can Do, yet…

  3. I stumbled onto a Dream Hunter book by accident one day in a book store. I read the whole thing in like a few hours and then proceeded to go back to the book store and buy every single book they had by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Then I let my friends borrow them… I kind of created a little Menyon army… lol. It’s awesome! Also… Styxx is both my favorite and most hated book. Just throwing that out there. ^_^

  4. I have been a fan ever since I walked into Barnes & Noble and Dark Side Of The Moon cover caught my eye, I was never interested in Paranormal Romance until that day. Sherrilyn Kenyon was my first and favorite author, I have read numerous books by her and I am addicted, I will be following her as long as she writes. I love the Dark Hunter’s series. I have downloaded some of the paperback books I read and now they are on my Nook so I can enjoy them again, Thankyou Sherrilyn for opening my eyes to Paranormal Romance. I have a paranormal romance group on facebook open to join if anyone is interested.

  5. I Have been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon since I was 16. My mother read her first and she thought I was finally old enough to read the series, she’s had everything under both names. I read the whole series at that time. that june for my 17th birthday we had a dark hunter themed celebration. Complete with coffin cake. That summer august 13th 2008 for the Acheron release I met her for the first time and got my book signed and stamped. My 18th birthday the next year I was still so in love with the series I had another party where my friends and I cosplayed and the cake was heart and bat wings. I saw her again in 2010 and twice in 2014. I now almost have all her books signed. She takes up almost two full shelves. This year for my 24th birthday which is in june and the supposedly release date of the movie. I’ll be doing another cake inspired by mark and bubba. I hope to see her again so I an finish getting the rest of my books signed. I love all her series but Dark hunter, League, and sea wolves are my favorites . the others not far behind. The only downside is I can read one to two of her books in a day depending on which books. the only ones that took me longer was Acheron Styxx and born of fury because they were huge they took two days each. Its very relaxing to read her books why my dog Simi (named after a character) is curled up at my feet and I have my favorite tea by my reading chair.

  6. I have been immersed in the DH world for over 10 yrs !!! I love everything about the series and will continue to follow and read anything Sherri writes.I have met her on numerous occasions and I always enjoy speaking with her.She is so wonderful and kind to ALL of her fans !!!

  7. I got lucky, so lucky!! I was looking for a good book to take with me while I was relaxing lakeside. Just so happen the first book I read was Midnight Pleasures, and the first of the Dark Hunter series. I was captivated! I read that book in 3 days and searched for more. In the past few months I have read 5 more books. I love everything about Sherrilyn Kenyon books. Her characters come alive with every Facebook post, book and websites. It’s like you know who they are and live in their world. It’s totally amazing to leave reality and enter into a new realm.

  8. A friend lent me a handful of books one day when I was bored. Most of them sucked, but I burned through the two Sherrilyn Kenyon books in the pile. Since then I’ve snapped up every book I could find. I’ve even gotten my best friend addicted. She happily reads every book she comes across too.
    And it’s all just gotten out of hand from there(in the best way possible)

  9. I live for the next Sherrilyn Kenyon book! I found these books years ago when I was going through some bad stuff in my life and they have been my salvation ever since. Thank you for creating these worlds Sherrilyn, I wouldnt be the happy person I am today without them!

  10. Sherrilyn is a Paranormal Romance Goddess! I’ve been devouring the DH books since 2012. I am hopelessly devoted to Acheron, and really wish Simi could barbque the red-headed heifer goddess. LOL!

  11. I was in the school library looking for a book, and randomly found the first Chronicles of Nick book, Infinity. I figured it would be a good book to start out the year with. I had no idea how hooked I would get on this series. I haven’t been able to put it down! I started Infinity about a week ago, and I am now ready to start Inferno. After this, I’m going to start straight on the Dark Hunter’s series. These books are amazing!

  12. I absolutely love being a Menyon. The books make me interested in learning more about mythology. I feel more free to be myself, because I’m no where near as weird as some characters she has. I also see my life in a brighter light, because most of her characters have such awful life stories, mine seems pretty awesome in comparison.

  13. I love Kenyon’s characters! I can’t wait for the next novel to come out to see what The Dark Hunters, Bears, Weres, and everyone else is up to! I’m about to crack open Son of No One as we speak. So excited!

  14. I have been reading Sherrilyon Kenyon since Fantasy Lover came out. I am in love with her and was upset that I missed her one appearance in OKC a couple of years ago. Hoping she comes back.

  15. I stumbled upon Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novels, when I went in to visit the downtown’s library. They were on display as “Books to Check Out” and I’ve been hooked since then. This was probably since my junior year of high school. Reading her books just makes you feel as if you are in the stories as well, and honestly that’s my favorite part about reading. That’s what I love about her writing; the way you can feel each characters emotion and feel a connection to them, it’s amazing, I would definitely call her my role model of awesomeness.

  16. The first time I picked up a book by Sherrilyn Kenyon was actually in the back of a family friend’s car. I read the first few pages, and was immediately hooked. The problem was, I couldn’t remember the title of the book after I got out of her car! I did remember the cover of the book though. About 2 years later, I was in the romance section of the library, and I found the book! The book ended up being Night Embrace, and I haven’t looked back since!

  17. I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon for years and I just love her books. Her style of writing, the way she comes across to her readers, is like no other. I have yet to have the honor of meeting her but one day I will and when I do I wanna give her a big ole hug and an even bigger thank you.

  18. I have been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books for many years. I feel like I’m part of each story and can’t wait for the next one to come out. For years I thought Acheron was my favorite and then came along Styxx. Wow, he blew me away! I can never choose which character is my favorite because I feel close to all of them. Thank you, Sherrilyn for sharing your words with the world.

  19. Like many others, I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing, she has an unending imagination that brings these fantastic characters to life. I have a tendency to get a little cranky when I am reading and get interrupted so my family knows when I’ve got one of her books in my hands, it had better be important! I also am a fan of her going to schools, as that was part of her previous life, and speaking with the “next generation”. All three of my kids are fans of the Chronicles of Nick (one of my kids really does not like to read, but he picks up the book every night and reads a chapter or two before bed – which is a MAJOR feat! Love recommending these books to everyone!

  20. my first book was bought at a second hand store,,it was night embrace( i liked the cover) lol, i read it that night had to learn more about this person that wrote this amazing book, i now have most of her books she is my #1 fav author. why i love her? easy her books are an escape from everyday life i love the back storeys , the history, the characters are real people im sure of it how else could she write about so many people all with different personalities.

  21. I have been reading SK for 8 years now, and in that 8 years, SK has saved my life… Literally. I battle major depression, and PTSD, and when I have breakdowns, all I need to do is pick up one of her books, read, and something about the books sooth me and make my world better. Acheron is by far my favorite, followed by Styxx. When my mood is down, those are my go to books, and they have prevented my from committing suicide.

    Thank you for what you do, and thank you for saving me!

  22. I picked up my first Sherrilyn book at my old job. I hadn’t taken a book to work that day so I decided to get one there. It was Night Play. I instantly fell in love with it. Talon and Sunshine’s story just drew me in. I knew I had to get the rest. Ever since then, I have bought every one of her books. Every chance I get, I try to go see her. She never fails to show how much she loves all her fans. Because of her writing and the love she shows while doing it, the literary world has a wonderful set of characters that they can fall in love with.

  23. I have been a Sherrilyn Kenyon fan for many years, having first read a short story and falling in love with the books. I think of the characters and can’t wait for the next book so that i can visit and find out how they are doing. I have been to 3 book signings and each time Sherrilyn is amazing, I tell everyone I can about her books and have gotten many friends & co-workers hooked on all the series. Thank you so much for the amazing worlds and characters that I go back and visit again and again.

  24. Sherrilyn Kenyon books are litterally one of two reasons I’m a reader now. Her books basically are what help entertain me most days and help make me realize that even though you have a bad day, someone else has it worse, not saying its a good thing l, but it helps but things in perspective.

  25. The first Sherrilyn Kenyon book I read was Dark Side of the Moon. It was a birthday present and I finished it that same day. I immediately went to Chapter’s and bought every Sherrilyn Kenyon book they had and whatever ones I couldn’t find I ordered online.

  26. This is me and the books I have from Sherri. Most of them I save from the trash and I can’t say that I regret it cause I don’t!

  27. I found my first Kenyon in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. I grew up with my family owning a book store and read the Kinley McGregor books. I had no idea they were the same person at first. Now I can’t get enough of her books. I own all of them for my Kindle and about 60% in physical copy. It cracks my husband up because when most woman want jewelry for their birthday or what not I say, Give me Kenyon. Her releases just happen to coincide with my birthday and our anniversary so I never miss a new book. It took me less than 12 hours to finish Styxx because I just couldn’t put it down and Son of No One took me just over 4. Now I don’t know what to do until the next release. Guess I get to start at the beginning again!

  28. absolutely love your books! a friend suggested it and haven’t turned back. they come to life and become my only friend

  29. I first started reading the Dark Hunter Series with Midnight Pleasures and instantly fell in love with it. From that time forward each time a book came out from that series and all the hunter series, I bought them all. I even braved a Tropical Storm that was hitting Florida at the time that Acheron was being released in Orlando to attend a book signing at the Virgin Mega Store. It usually only takes me 2 hours to read Sherrilyon’s books,except Acheron, it took me 2 days only because I had to work. But, since Acheron, I haven’t read every booked released, but I do own them.

  30. Before picking up Fantasy Lover I hadn’t read a novel (willingly) in 12 years. I had no interest in it. I didn’t think there was anything worth investing my time into. When I bought FL I started reading just before bed, I didn’t even realize it was 3 am and that I was over half way done. It was a good thing I was staying in the city with my mom for a Mom and daughter day. So the next day I returned to the bookstore and bought the next 7 books. There was no stopping me.

    My mom was so happy that I started to read again, she missed how I obsessed about a series (goosebumps to be exact) Sherriyln Kenyon brought me back to something I loved. I haven’t stopped since and buy every book she publishes the day it comes out. She has also inspired me to take the characters that I have created and bring them to life.

    Thank you Sherrilyn!

  31. I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books for quite a while now. I remember originally thinking I wouldn’t enjoy her books because they where just part of the ‘vampire fad’ going on at the time. To my delight the books are so very original an idea that these ‘vampires’ are my new favorite version of vampires. I have always been a sucker for mythology so when reading these books and reading a new take on my favorite myths is a truly wonderful experience. After Styxx was released I looked at the number of Kenyon books I owned and thought of my favorites while I debated on my first tattoo. I had already known I’d adventurously get a phoenix because for me this bird symbolizes more then just Styxx, but also my art since I am a ceramic artist. Now I have my phoenix it’s not quite the same as the book but I needed a bit of realism added into the image to fit my art style in with this book.

    I’m currently in college and picking which books where moving with me was one of the hardest days of my life. I own all of Kenyon’s books with the exception of the Highlander books (though I may have to fix that after reading Son of No One) and they are not light to travel with but I did it anyways. I have all of her books with me they’ve comforted me all through this college experience of being away from my family. The League books especially. Dancer’s book touched home for me on many levels of being there for family, and helped me get through not being able to always see mine. I’m not an artist with words, and so I’m terribly sorry about my grammer and lack of refinement, but can’t wait to read the next peice of art that Kenyon publishes.

    Thanks at ton Kenyon! You’ve made my life so enjoyable, and gotten me through many rough days fighting with my own muse! I hope your muses never fail to help keep you inspired!

  32. Several years ago I was in hiding from a psychopath who was focused on me. I had a young child and lived with constant terror and flashbacks to the things he’d done to me already. I barely managed to sleep at all, my fear was so great. I found Sherrilyn Kenyon then, and her stories helped me get through the night and, in some cases, I feel they helped me get through the destructive memories eating me alive. I wasn’t okay, but through her books I found the strength to get through another day, to survive, and ultimately to stand up and defend myself when it was necessary.

  33. I have been a fan of Sherri’s world since the beginning, when Julian met Grace in Fantacy Lover, and we were introduced to Kyrian, the first DH to come to light. I loved the Dark Hunter of the Month club, and looked forward to those postings when we would discover a new hero before they even had a book. I miss my DHotM! Sherri’s world get’s better and better with each book!

    And thank you, Sherri, for bringing me back to my musical roots with the song for each of the heroes! I rediscovered my hard rock after a slump in the 90s! Godsmack, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Avenged Sevenfold (among others) help me get through my day and remind me of Sherri’s world all day long! It’s a great place to be (or as Nick used to say, “If this is hell, chain me to the wall”).

  34. About a year ago, I signed up for audible and received some free credits. I can’t remember how I found “Night Pleasures” but I decided it was a free if I used my credits, so I did. I finished the audio book in 2 days and bought the next 3 in the series. Now a year later, I am caught up with the Dark Hunter series, recently finished the CON books (in one weekend), and started the League series.

    I own all the audio books. I travel a lot for my job and I love to to listen to the books while I drive, especially Kyrian. I love him!!!! I get “squeally” when he is even mentioned in a book!

  35. I have read all of Sherrilyn kenyons books, I love them all. they make cry laugh get mad and to relax My daughter and I meet her at a book signing and she talk to use and made our day

  36. I usually use nicknames on things like this but I have chosen to be me. I was a new single mother, freshly going through a divorce after escaping a very abusive marriage. Though the marriage was short lived it did leave it’s scars. Dance with the Devil was my first book by Sherri. I fell in love with Zarek and his story because for me it reflected the turmoil I felt inside. Though I didn’t think I would be so lucky to find my happily ever after and regain my soul. That’s the brunt of it. When you go through your own personal hell like I did, not knowing how long you or your child have left because of the ferocity of the temper you live with it takes pieces of your soul, pieces of you and you become a shell. I sunk into a great depression that lasted for a year and half. I’m not proud of that, but I was numb, hurt, scared because of his threats and I was exhausted from being who I was. Then, I got tired of all that. I lived in a small town then, just outside of Vegas by 100 miles. We had no bookstores so I only had the local WalMart to try and find books. Dance with the Devil was the one that captured my eye. I read it in 3 hours, not stopping to breathe and then I went to Vegas a few days later and bout 5 more of her books. Ash. Ash was was my pivotal companion, the Goth, the man without a care of what others thought about him. Simi was the sweet essence of mischief and innocence that I enjoyed to “be around.” As silly as it sounds I can honestly say that the DH series and meeting Sherri was what gave me hope and helped me pull through. I went to every signing she had in Vegas that I could afford. I completed my Associates Degree in Creative Writing as well as obtained a vocational degree as a cosmetologist and I began working with models and photographers. Sherri’s insights have inspired me to do more with my writing as well as to allow myself to be saved. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man, my son is now 11 years old (and wants to be just like Ash hahaha) and I have found my soul again. It helps that my fiance loves Manga so I hooked him on the DH series by letting him read the 3 I have and then handing him Fantasy Lover. Sherri has made a mark on many, and as silly as it sounds to some, she’s done what every great writer is supposed to do. She has inspired people to question, to wonder, to believe, to embrace, to enjoy and to live.

  37. I’ve been a fan of Sherrilyn’s works for many years now. It first started when a friend of mine loaned me Fantasy Lover. I fell in love with the characters and started reading the other books. I’ve read all of the Dark, Dream, & Were-Hunter books. All of the League, CON, BAD, Belador and all that she has written under the name of Kinley MacGregor. I love every single one of them. Unfortunately, I do not buy the books, but will borrow them from the libraries. I just don’t have the space in my home. I’m even excited for the CON movie that is coming out and the Dark-Hunter Series. I can’t wait.

  38. I became disabled in 2012 and used to LOVE to read but during the last 8 years of going to school fulltime and working fulltime with many hours of overtime and a chronically ill child I barely had time to meet myself in the middle. So, once I became disabled in Jan 2012 and losing my mother, who lived with me for the last 4 years of her life passed away after a very long illness I became very depressed, Not having a job or a meaningful life other than caring for my pugs and family and even then I had not been able to take care of them. I picked up my daughters kindle one day and started reading. I began with Hannah Howell and Lyndsay Sands and plowed through those series I began searching for books online that would hold my interest. I stumbled upon the Dark Hunter Series, luckily I was able to start from the beginning and from the first pages I fell in love…Even moreso with each book I began to get so much out of these books, laughter, tears and I learned ALOT from them. By the time I reached the Acheron book I was completely involved on a very deep level but my God…Reading Acheron I was a total blubbering fool! Needless to say I am a Menyon thru and thru, I’ve read every single book she has written under both SK and KM pen names. Thank you Sherri for getting me thru the hard times!

  39. I read the books to my mom who is nearly blind, so she can follow along with the wonderful characters as well!!!! We love Sherry’s books!!!! She loves Acheron, he’s her favorite! <3

  40. Words can not express how happy I was to get to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon. I thought the only way I would ever get to meet her was to save up and go to DragonCon, instead I got to meet her for the Born of Fury launch. This was a great night. My sister (who I got hooked on the books) and my mom (who is going to start reading the DH series soon) came with me to the Q & A and signing. It was a wonderful experience and I went home and read the first 3 League books in a week. Thank you so much for coming to CT

  41. I love sherrilyn kenyon!! i own every single dark hunter and and con book,except for son of no one which i will be buying with my next paycheck yieeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  42. I remember Night Pleasures being on the rack at the store where I worked and not really giving it a second glance. Then, a couple days before I was to go in for surgery, I stumbled on it again at a local thrift shop and figured, “Hey, for a quarter, what the hell.” Best 25 cents I ever spent. I devoured it in two days and was into work as soon as I was cleared to leave the couch ordering every other one I could find, including reserving Val’s book, which wasn’t out yet. From there, I found the website and then the forum and then the chat room and the wonderful friends that I met there. Here’s to all of my K-Con buddies and the wonderful times we had then and have had since. Muses forever!

  43. I first read DARK SIDE OF THE MOON years ago when i was just buying books at random, then I got DRAGONSWAIN, then later FANTASY LOVER. I think i read FANTASY LOVER countless times over the years before I ever got into the DARK-HUNTER series. I found the series when I was looking for something to read that was cheap to buy when I found 3 books by the same author. I recognized the authors name of course but did not realize i already had books by her. When I read the back cover for Kyrian’s story I was like “wait i know that name” then i remembered FANTASY LOVER and decided to get all 3 books. I think i bought all the books in the series in about a weeks time just so I could read them all and I have been hooked ever since. I now read the CON books as well. I love all the books and all the characters. Wish I could join their world if for no other reason than to have such wonderful and true friends. Thank You Sherrilyn for the experience.

  44. I was introduced to Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Dark Hunter series a few years ago and just about instantly fell in love. I love the positive messages in each book, the stories of succeeding despite life’s trials and tribulations. I’ve laughed; I’ve cried; and I’ve definitely fallen in love.

  45. I’m currently seventeen and a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s work. My mom, already a fan, got me into the series, and I in turn converted my friend and book buddy to the Menyon horde of awesomeness. Luckily for me, my mom owns almost the entire series, along with several of Kenyon’s other books, and is quick to snatch up new ones that come out. I’m a bit envious now that I’m so into it and only have the Nick Chronicles lining my shelf haha–I may have to steal from her personal library.
    Two separate years, I dressed as Simi for Halloween. Once when I’d just started the series, and again the other year after I got further into it. One of the pictures we took shows me in my kick-butt Simi garb holding a bottle of barbeque sauce over the cat πŸ˜›
    The Dark Hunter series really inspires me to write and hopefully get my own stories out there someday. Until then, I can just enjoy the witty banter and general amazingness between far too many characters I have a crush on!

  46. I was pregnant with twins 5 years ago, (almost 6) and I was listed as high risk. I had to sit around all day in the bed and try not to go crazy. My husband and I had just moved to Atlanta Georgia for his work and I had no one. Everyone we knew was back in MS and I felt so completely alone when my hubs was at work that I would literally sit in bed and cry. The ONLY thing that helped me sitting by myself in a very bad neighborhood was I found Sherrilyn Kenyon and started reading her books. I adore them! They helped me get through my pregnancy and not go totally crazy from sitting there alone all the time. I would read out loud or talk to characters like they were there (ok maybe I went a little crazy but becoming a menyon definitely helped me regardless!). I have two beautiful kiddos now, Jaina and Scotty. I wanted to name them Cassandra and Zarek but got the red flag from my hubs lol he’s not a reader and hasn’t read any of my books.
    Anyways, I don’t think Sherrilyn reads these (there’s so many!) but if by chance you do I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your books helped me so much. Ash’s kind and wise words help me to this day and I absolutely love your books.

  47. I’ve been addicted to the DH series for a good 5 years. My gf read Kyrian’s out loud to me and I have been hooked ever since πŸ™‚ I bought all the ones I could for my E-reader and took them to work with me to read while I was on breaks. I am currently saving up for my next tattoo which is a quote from Styxx around the House of Aricles symbol

  48. I started out reading the first book of Chronicles Of Nick and the moment I got done reading it i was hooked. It wasn’t like any other book I’ve read. I commend miss Kenyon on a job well done. πŸ™‚

  49. I don’t even remember when I started reading SK’s books but I remember why. I’m Greek and I love greek mythology and paranormal romances that have stories that include it. Many times the writers disappoint but SK is one of the best out there. Even her greek references are perfect!(Believe me, this doesn’t happen often when foreign authors try to tackle greek. The grammar is just too different.)

    I’ve lost many nights of sleep to S. Kenyon’s books and I hope to lose plenty more.

  50. I love recommending Sherry to people, I know that they won’t be disappointed πŸ™‚
    A also have all the books in ebook format and almost all of them in PB as well πŸ˜€

  51. I came across my first Sherrilyn Kenyon book when I was 18, and it was by accident too . It was summer vacation and I was visiting my local library and noticed I need a change of genre due to the fact that I was being bored with the basic Contemporary romance novels so I accidentally picked up Kiss of the Night that day , and ever since then I have been hooked to the series , I own most of them in both my reader and in paper format ! I also had two of my closes friends hooked to the series .

  52. It sucks having to be a resposible adult lol. sumthing came up and i cant buy the book. probably for another two weeks. the wait will be agony lol……..

  53. The first sk book i ever read was kyrian and amandas book. it got me hooked i now own every book except son of no one whic h iw ill get eventually unfourtunalty i have bills to pay and a child to care for and cannot afford the book right now =(

  54. I was introduced to the Dark-Hunter series by my mother seven years ago. I was instantly pulled in after reading Fantasy Lover. Since then I have come to love many of the characters. I have grown from hating some to either understanding them, or loving them as much as my favorites that I have loved from the beginning. Styxx is a great example, I was not fond of him at all when he was first introduced and even before his book came out. Once I read his book I fell in love with him. The biggest thing I love is that Sherri’s characters have depth, they aren’t just one dimensional. She writes them in such a way that you can see them as real characters. I have always loved that many of her books have characters who you can relate to. After reading Dark-Hunter for a long time I started reading her Belador series as well. For a long time I was all about DH and didn’t really read anything else. I picked up the first Belador book at Wal-Mart while on break and needing something to read. I was pulled in from the moment I picked it up. The next series I picked up was The League and I have been hooked ever since. I can’t believe I didn’t start reading that from the beginning like the others. I love it so much. I would have to say the Dark-Hunter series and The League are by far my absolute favorites series’ by Sherri. I am on the edge of my seat until each release. I bought my first Autographed book, Born of Fury. I hope to buy many more of them that way if I can, so far I’m just doing my favorites that way. I would love even more to get out to a book signing or one of the Cons to meet Sherri. I also have a few tats lined up that I would love to get.

  55. I have fallen in love with the DH series ever since I picked up, “Fantasy Lover”. It was my first DH book. I am missing a few stories but I pretty much have most of the books. I am looking forward to reading Son Of No One. I love all the characters, the plot and especially ACHERON <3

  56. SK’s books were one of my first “adult” book series. The first book I read was Dark Side of the Moon and I have been in love ever since. I can’t wait to read Son of No One and whatever she has in store for us in the future

  57. I have read and been a Menyon for many years now, My Sons, friends have taken my books and became a member as well. Still can’t remember who took Acheron and never returned it! But I have it on my reader, which is where I have most for the past several years. Still have all my early paperbacks, too. Your books are fantastic and keeps me out of trouble and in trouble as I finish them quickly once reading has begun. Then I read them a second time to see what I missed. Your imagination is great and puts all of ours to work. Keep up the trend

  58. I have been a fan for a while, but after attending her book launch party at the Sheraton on the 3rd, it’s like I cannot get enough. I have started over reading the books again. Sherri is such a sweet and fantastic woman. It was so inspiring to find out we have so much in common. Thank you so much for all you do Sherri!!!!

  59. A friend of mine got me started on Dark hunters and Fantasy lover when I was in high school. This was the first time I had ever read a “romance” novel so you can bet my expression was funny as heck when I got to the detailed scenes. Anyway, I’ve been hooked on the series even though my friend didn’t have them in order so somethings weren’t making sense. I’ve been getting my own copies and I try to get them in order however one will catch my attention and I get it instead of the book next in line. I think I have book a.d.d (according to my best friend)

  60. My sister introduced me to the Dark Hunter Series a few years ago. I’ve read them all now except the new one which I have just purchased. The characters in all the books are just wonderful! I finish one and think that there couldn’t be a better one until I pick up the next one and begin reading. You find yourself drawn into the story as if you were one of the characters. It’s a wonderful experience! I’m reading the Chronicles of Nick series right now then I’ll be on to the League Series. Can’t wait!

  61. I have been reading Sherrilyn since 2007….a friend of mine gave me a book to read cuz I love to read for hours and was out of new books..i have been hooked ever since…My son started reading her books at age 16 and has been hooked ever since…I got my Acheron tattoo a few years ago for my birthday present to myself and the double bow n arrow tattoo…for my sons 18th birthday I took him to get his first tattoo and he insisted it be Acherons symble also….He is almost 21 now and every new Sherrilyn Kenyon book I get I send it to him after I read it…of course I never get them back…but that’s ok because im so happy that we share the love and adventure of Sherrilyns books together…even though I have to buy 2 copies of them….So happy I found her books…im a single Mom and been that way for 8 years…Who needs a man when you have all the hotties in the Darkhunter books????

  62. My family and I are going through a really difficult time right now. It had been really difficult for me to even get up in the mornings,but then i started reading Sherri’s books. The characters she writes about give me strength and the power not to give in to my depression, anytime i’m depressed i just crack open one of her books and i almost instantaneously feel better. Thanks Sherri!

  63. I have been a HUGE fan since Julian and Grace. I have always loved mythology and the paranormal and Sherrilyn Kenyon provides the best of both worlds. Then…….space adventures!!!!! I love the League!!!! It’s so hard to wait for new titles.
    These books are my “vacations” from the stress of work deadlines, household chores, and my job as household overlord. My hubby doesn’t agree with the whole “overlord” thing….he thinks he’s in charge. But ladies……we know better (wink). I reward myself with read-time when I accomplish something major.
    I missed the chance to meet Sherrilyn when she was in Utah a while ago and I was so sad! It would be so awesome if she could come for Salt Lake’s Comic Con that’s held in September. The SLCC this year drew around 130,000 attendees in just 3 days! This SLCC’s 3rd year and we are already the 3rd largest Con in the nation (possibly number 2 now). Please come to Salt Lake! I know you have a lot of fans here in the Western U.S. that would love to see you!

  64. i love reading sherrilyn’s books i started a few years ago had a lot of the dark hunter books but then lost them when i had to move i just started getting them all back. i have almost all dark hunter books just missing the last 2. same with the league novels and chronicles of nick.I also read the Belador novels i only have 3 of those ones. i never get rid of them i love reading them over and over and when my kids are old enough they can read them my 2 girls have asked and i tell them no not yet you got a few more yrs to go. lol

  65. I started with Fantasy Lover. Was unaware of the others until a friend with similar reading tastes lent me Night Play. I had immediately recognized characters between the two novels which I had borrowed from the same friend. I began with her help of course to hunt down the others. With the amount of time and number of novels that I devoured between them, she didn’t believe me when I first informed her that Fantasy Lover came before Kyrian and Amanda’s story.

    I love the fact that most of the lead males are misunderstood. I grew to like Zarek, then Valerius. When I read about Sin he became my new favorite until we learned of Jaden. While I am seriously looking forward to his story, Styxx is currently the most heart-wrenching in my opinion. It reminded me to never take surface appearances for truth, no matter whose side you happen to be hearing or reading. It was a reminder that there is more to every story than just the one side…Look at Sin, Zarek, and Valerius. Did I mention I have a thing for the misunderstood heroes?

  66. From the first moment that I touched one of her books I absolutely fell in love. Her books draw you in and her characters regularly make you fall in love. Every time a new book comes out it feels like I’ve found a new favorite character. Though Seth is definitely always at the top for me. The first tattoo that I ever got was in dedication to her books. And her books have made me a better person. From her and her characters I have learned to not judge so often and so badly. And I’ve learned to look for and at the bigger picture that just because that’s what something looks like doesn’t mean that is what it really is. She’s an amazing woman and I can’t wait to continue reading and learning. And I can’t wait to meet her one of these days it will happen! I also find it super exciting most years because her books come out on or near my birthday and it’s just the best birthday present I can get.

  67. i keep rereading the excerpt from son of no one cause i wanna read it so bad but can’t affors the book contemplationg going to hte store everyday and reading it a little at a time…

  68. So it may be longer than i thought to get the book just found out someone hacked my debit card and is trying to take money so now i have bank issues =(

  69. I love the dark hunter books!!!!!!! I’ve been reading them since Night Embrace came out and it hooked me! every time a new book is released I take the day off from doing anything at all until I have read the book cover to cover. I unfortuately have yet to meet Sherrilyn but am hoping to one day soon! Her books aare definantly my favorite series and I cherish all my copies.

  70. so since i cannot read son of no one yet i am rereading the whole series =) currently on kyrian and amandas book love them

  71. I need, “Son of No One” in my life! I hope I can pick it up soon. I want updates on all the DH. Styxx didn’t have any new updates for us, I am looking forward to SONO.

  72. I have been reading Sherrilynn’s books since Fantasy Lover came out. I have loved everyone of her books since then and will continue to wait months just for her books. I have met this woman a few times at books signings and she was the only authour i ever had sign my nook. Even though i no longer use that nook i have it displayed for everyone to see. Even though i have all her books on my nook i also purchase all her paperback’s when they come out. I hope Sherri has many more stories to tell. I am a fan for life.

  73. Omg i finally got son of no one i cannot wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dad bought it for me lol….


  75. Love Sherrilyn Kenyon! She’s by far my favorite author and I’m totally addicted to The Dark Hunter series. It’s been a couple of years since I read the series so I’m re-reading the entire series so that I can get Son of No One. Completely excited about the tv series and the Chronicles of Nick movies. Planning on getting a Dark Hunter tattoo soon.

  76. I have been reading Sherrilyn’s books for about six years… I was in middle school when I stumbled onto her books, yes a little young but I regret nothing. Sherrilyn is an amazing writer, reading all of her books inspired me to write and want to do it for a living.. I can’t count how many times I have read and reread her books. Styxx was pretty much horrible for me to get through it was bitter sweet and I cried for him before I even got half way through the book, I wanted to hate him though. The Dark-Hunter Series comforted me while I was having a really had time in my life and I will always be grateful for that. Thank You. <3

  77. I was 14 years old when I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s AMAZING novels!! I am now 16 and can not wait for the next book. The first series i read was the Belador novels, then quickly went to reading Dark-Hunters, I am also eager to read the next Chronicles of Nick novel!!
    Dark-Hunters are the BEST!! Rereading every Dark-Hunter novel once again!!! “Son of No One” was just hilarious and outstanding Mrs. Kenyon. You are a terrific writer and your novels have helped me through some tough times as well.

  78. I read Dracula in 9th grade as an English extra credit and became totally fascinated with the whole vampire mythology. There are so many theories and back stories involved in a really good series. I went to Walden books at my local mall and was looking for a different paranormal romance author and the cashier asked me if I had ever read any of the Sherrilynn Kenyon books. I said “No but I love to discover new worlds.” She pointed out Fantasy Lover and I’ve never regretted asking for help that day. I’ll always be grateful to her. It is awesome the way Sherrilynn blends the mythologies of the world and her “vampires” aren’t really the usual version. I don’t even think of the books as vampire romance. I have a special soft spot for the Were Hunters, Vane and Bride’s story Night Play is in my top 5 most reread. Any author that can make me think, laugh, cry, and breath heavy all in the same chapter has my undying loyalty.

  79. I might have a few books around here somewhere .. My first Dark-Hunter book was found on the frugal shelf at my local bookstore.. So was my second, third and fourth. Then I panicked as I couldn’t find anymore of your wonderfully addictive novels, and I didn’t think to look in the romance section .. Oops .. I know better now.

  80. I unfortunately lost access to my original account, sucks but I don’t mind staring over. so re-doing my greeting. My names megan, been a fan for 7 and a half years now. I’ve been to four signings, two of them launches.n first signing was during the year of Acheron, which was 2008 I think. The second one was for bad moon rising, third was the born of fury launch at Mohegan sun, and the launch party the day before dragon con for son of no one. Shes truly inspranational. and my mother got me into the books when I was sixteen (About three months before I turned 17. I had dark hunter themed birthdays for the next two years. (17 and 18) . I can’t wait for the movies and TV series. It would be amazing to see. Though the best movies happen in my head when reading.

    Her books have really helped me, I was bullied a lot during high school and didn’t have to many friends and she and several other authors worlds really helped me escape what I was going through and get through it. I am studying library sciences, and hope to one day get at least one book published, I’d also love to be an extra in a movie just once, or do something to help a movie be made. Just some bucket list things.

    This site is really fun, keep checking to see if the rest of the league excerpts will be avalible.

  81. I have been reading Dark Hunter books for years and they have contributed greatly to my love of reading and writing.Sherry an inspiration to me to be fearless in writing, reading, speaking and living.

  82. Finally got to read it omg i love jo lol she is amazing and oooooh i love reading a good brogue accent =)))))

  83. ‘One step into the Dark-Hunter world and you’ll never turn back’….
    When I first saw these words on the cover of Bad Moon Rising-the first SK book I ever read-I had absolutely NO idea how true they were. Two years later, still hopelessly hooked (:

  84. I loved the quote in the epilogue about life so much, I made it the subject of my art journal entry yesterday. Loved “Son of No One”.

  85. I love how broad, complex and flawed all the characters are in Sherrilyn’s books.

    I can’t wait to read Son of No One. I’ve made it my reward after I complete a design project I’m working on.

    This is my Kyrian.

  86. The first book I read by Sherrilyn was Paradise City, which has since been revamped and released as Born of Ice part of the League series. I either have or have read everything she has written or collaborated on and loved all of it. My daughter, now 17 is reading her way through the DH series and I keep saying Ooh you gotta read the Lords, or the League or Belador. She gives me the “look” meaning don’t tell me, I’ll get to it. Only thing I think I will have to break out the spray bottle to keep her from trying to pilfer and not return my presciousses. I check under her bed daily for Sherrilyn contraband. Amazingly I still have the first book Paradise City. Would love to one day beg Sherrilyn to sign both versions.

  87. Love Styxx’s book. Every single time I read his story I will cry. Love his character, shows how much he loves his brother and his wife, but his story is just too sad TT

  88. I dont usually read Teen books, but I picked up the first book in Chronicles of Nick and smiled the whole way thru it. I found that if i thought about it i knew kids in my high school that had a lot of traits as the kids in the book and Nick was as sarcastic as one of the boys in our group. Now I look forward to reading the next books in this series. Thanks for making me remember some of the kids from my time in high school ( a looooong time ago, lol )

  89. I was introduced to Sherrilyn Kenyon when my sister bought me Dream Warrior for Christmas. I read it that night and next thing I knew I bought nine of her books the next day. I love reading them to relax and I’m like in love with everyone, but I have a huge soft spot for Jericho.

  90. I love the DH world. I thought Archeron was the greatest until Styxx story broke my heart. I cant get enough of her books! I own every book and cant wait until the next comes out so I can devour it also. I am a KenyonMenyon and just to mess with peoples heads I use the double cross bow as part of my return labels and keep everyone quessing about what it means. Stupid humans!

  91. My cousins girlfriend lent me her copy of Acheron after we discovered that we both shared a love of books. She told me that it was favorite book and that I would love Sherrilyns work. Boy, was she ever right! I read Acheron twice and then I had to have more. So one by one I bought every single dark hunter novel! I have read all of them and now Im starting on Chronicles of Nick. I can’t get enough! I can’t even read anything else.

  92. I love this set of books. I have not gotten tired of reading them since I started.They have kept me on my feet all the time. The first series that I wish would become a movie.

  93. My favorite character happens to be Nick. He never seems to stop surprising and annoying me at the same time.

  94. Love the Dark Hunters! I started reading with the first book and now share and trade with my daughter. We love to talk about our favorite scenes and characters. We both wish we could meet Simi and Ash. Thank you for the many happy hours.

  95. My first Kenyon book was a random library find.
    Fantasy Lover.
    It was softmore year of high school, so of course the title sounded awesome.
    Unfortunately, I became extremely sick over the next two years and had multiple extended stays in the hospital (2 weeks or more) and finally a double lung transplant. Kenyon’s books kept me sane. They gave me an escape from the long hours sitting alone in a hospital bed and from the pain in my body. The Hunters made me stronger, and I’m pretty sure these books are part of the reason I’m still here today!
    Thank you, Kenyon!

  96. I am seriously considering getting a DH tattoo. Sigh. I might just have to do that. I will most definitely post pics when I get it done. But where to put it? Where would Artemis grab me? Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

  97. I finally got Son of No One and I can’t wait to start reading it! I’m always excited for anything Dark Hunter related that is put out.

  98. I love all of her work. My favorite was Styxx. My favorite thing about reading her books is ech time I read one of her books, I find something new.
    I have read each book at least ten times. The only one I have not read multiple times is Son Of No One.

    I am such a big fan, I have the ebooks to read daily and the hardback and paperback to read when I am home.
    I have the kindle and the nook and have all of her books downloaded to each device. I also have the books downloaded to my ipad. Just to make sure they are always with me.

  99. Can you make a book about Jaden, Adarian, Madoc, Jared, Seth, Caleb, Stryker, and Savitar. You should also make a dark hunters know it all book that tells about all the different kinds of supernatural creatuers and the people within the story as well that gives people a background story on them from past to present . Also talking about their different kinds of abilities , personal information about them ,and a family tree. Hopeful you get this Sherrilyn Kenyon because I’m not just your biggest fan but I’m also a creater different storylines for the supernatural & Iknow that I can come up with some good ideas that I can bring the Dark Hunter series to the top.

  100. Sherrilyn Kenyon is number 1! She has inspired me so much and her books have gotten me through tough times πŸ™‚

  101. I have faith that one of this days I’ll be able to see Sherri in person. Every time I plan to make the trip to a signing or convention or somewhere else Sherri will be appearing RL gets in the way and I have to postpone it. But I won’t give up.

    I really like her books and I can’t wait for the CoN movie and the DH TV series to come out. Her books have helped me in some of my darkest times and her story has given me hope that we can all have a HEA (even if it’s not with a hunk like the DH male population πŸ˜€ )

  102. I stumbled upon the Dark Hunters by accident. I was drawn in by devil may cry since it shared a name with my favorite video game and I thought the game would have been based on the book. However I quickly discovered how wrong I was. But luckily I became hooked and after I finished dmc I found a reading list got the whole series and have read all but two that my library doesn’t have πŸ™

  103. I just love Acheron! His book was amazing along with Styxx! πŸ™‚
    I am in Love with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s novels!!

  104. i just read something on her page about her and the styxx book and omg it just made my heart hurt and love her so much more !!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Sherrilyn has to be one of the nicest authors out there!! I went to Wizard Con and she answered my questions and signed my two books and allowed me to take two pictures with her.

  106. I absolutely love SK and her Dark/Dream/were/hunter books, but i first found and loved the league books!!! For years i have been trying to get my kid to read the hunter books, and finially did this year and now shes hooked as well!!! I’ve also read the Nic books and the lords of avalon, and SK can do no wrong.

    ps when we gona find out the actual father of Ash, hehe we all know its not Archon, and i have a sneeking suspistion who it is but soo don’t want to spoil it.

  107. There is nothing I love more then popping in one of her audio books while I am driving. The only down side is that I always seem to get to my destination right at the good part.

  108. Dark-Hunters!!
    I just got Styxx(I’ve read it but borrowed from the library) as a gift from my sister!! She is amazing!!

  109. I’ve been lucky enough to have met Sherrilyn on more than one occasion and everytime no matter the circumstances she has always been the sweetest kindest person you could hope to meet She is truly an inspiration and an angel among us

  110. I am so excited for the CON movie!! Sherrilyn Kenyon has never disappointed and i’m positive she won’t now!!

  111. I have been an avid reader of the Dark-Hunter series since it 1st came out, which after looking up the publishing date, I realize it’s been 12-years this month. WOW! I realize I haunt the stores for each new book, but I didn’t realize just how long I’ve been doing it. I have enjoyed each and every book that Sherrilyn Kenyon has written, normally several times. All of her worlds are fascinating and realistic. Her characters aren’t flawless, they’re engaging, making me come back several times to revisit them and their stories. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her twice, and I’m so pleased to know that she really does care about her fans and seems to be very personable, with a great sense of humor. I started reading the books in paperback and was thrilled when they went to hardback- longer stories and the book lasts longer. I’m so glad we’re getting hardback versions of her earlier work. My favorite is actually a tie between Wren’s book & Acheron’s book, which I read in one day in a car from Orlando to Ohio. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books have helped me a lot. They helped me pass the time when my mom was in the hospital for 14-weeks and I stayed with her. Having all these books come out this year has helped distract me when my mom passed away this summer. The stories are inspirational- that eventually, good will win, even when things are bad, you know it could be worse. I also admire that Sherilyn Kenyon could write such a horrible beginning to Acheron’s life, because once I had my son, I could barely read the 1st half of the book. I honestly cried the 1st couple times I read it, but after having a child, the thought that there are people out there who would do that….people can be very evil, and I can totally understand Apollymi’s reaction. Anywho, I look forward to many, many more books and can’t wait for the tv/movie. Although, like everyone else, I’ve built up mental pictures of all the characters, so I’m nervous about who will play who- will they live up to our mental images….I sure hope so! Thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for fantastic series! All of them!

  112. When I read Dragonswan I was left with the curiosity and the desire to know more about the dragons and more so at seeing Max on Sanctuary and having him been all secretive and stuff (I mean who isn’t a sucker for mysterious characters) all the more so. So I am happy that we get to delve deeper in dragon culture and I get to discover what secrets Max holds.

  113. sk is the best! she is absolutly my fave author i’ve read plenty of awesome books but hers are always the best.

  114. I love reading Sherilynn Kenyon’s books, they always leave me wanting more, it’s so hard to pur the books down. I’m working getting all of them, it’s a slow process but it makes me want them all even more. She is an amazing person.. and I’m so glad I picked up my first book “Dead after Dark” containing one of her writings.. reading it is what started my obsession with her characters.

  115. I am so excited to keep on reading Dark-Hunters!!! I’m hoping the movies and TV series will be amazing!!

  116. Soooo
    am I crazy or does anyone else wish the dark hunters were real lol oh what I wouldn’t give for Mrs Kenyon’s characters to be real!!!

  117. I just have to confess that for some reason I haven’t read Jessup’s story! I was going through my TBR shelf because I’m doing a TBR jar and realized that I skipped his book and didn’t realized it. I’ll have to read it next and not put it on the jar. I just can’t wait for it to come out of the jar.

  118. I can’t believe shΓ¨rrilyn Kenyon won’t be doing Belador anymore.
    That was the series that got me into Dark-Hunters and CON!!

  119. I have been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon every since a bookstore sale person accidently put fanasty lover in my bag. I have every one of her books and I love them!

  120. Over the past few years, I’ve sort of fell out of reading, but recently I took it back up with the help of the Chronicles of Nick series. It’s such an easy read, really great and yet so incredibly frustrating! I keep having so many questions (I only just got up to book three) and I’m not getting the answers fast enough. It’s frustrating how controlled the information is but at the same time amazing. All my questions keep making me want to speed through each book so I can figure out what’s next! I haven’t felt this excited about writing in a very long time!

  121. I think I’ll start re-reading DH again soon. I know I’ll re-read CoN two weeks before the movie.

  122. These are my babies, I had to bring them to college with me. πŸ™‚ The only thing missing is my Attic Greek textbook, (though that class is a little weird, everyone in there is working on their masters. Like, who takes a dead language as a freshman? (: and then my teacher is Russian… Accents are impossible.) Read almost every single one even though I was reluctant to when I first came across Until Death Do Us Part in Love at First Bite. It wasn’t until I had gone through ALL the other works by the three other authors that I read her’s. (though I was probably WAYYYYYY too young…) Made a friend in middle school when I saw her reading one. For reference, CON didn’t come put until I was already in high school and when it did I made a bunch of people read it. They could also read the first sentence of any page in a CON and I could tell exactly where they were. Read Styxx in about a day, straight. Now all I need to do is read the newest ones. πŸ™‚ I read too much.

  123. I want to start reading the League series but I have so much school work to do >.<
    Hopefully I'll get to it by Christmas break πŸ™‚

  124. My birthday was on the 5th and I just received my gift in the mail today from my family in PR. It was Acheron and Styxx! They are 2 of the three books I was missing in the collection. ^_^

  125. Sherri’s work keeps my imagination active. As a writer I often deal with being blocked and her books always jolt me out of a slump! I am in awe of her intricate web of characters! If I can produce something just 20% of her level of awesomeness, I will buy a pink tutu and strut my stuff! (believe me, pink is definitely NOT my thing, neither are tutus!)

  126. I am on the road most of the day today, but that is okay because I have all her books on audio! Which means I might finish one book.

  127. Thanks Brenda!

    I’m always trying to answer the question on how SK can write about so many characters, and then when their story comes and she has to go back in time, how she can keep it all organized and not go crazy with it all.

  128. I am amazed at Sherrilyn Kenyon’s creativity and memory. She is truly talented.
    What I can’t help but wonder is if the cast for CON will also be the cast for the Dark-Hunters TV series.

  129. I first heard of the Dark Hunter series through the Chronicles of Nick series, which I wanted to read. My friend urged me to read Dark Hunter before Chronicles of Nick. Reading DH was one of the best decisions of my life. I binge read the books within a couple of months time; I couldn’t put them down. Sherrilyn’s books mean so much to me. I love the way she writes; her characters and her stories that life is hard and not easy, but it does get better! Thank you so much, Sherrilyn!

  130. It’s been on my mind since news about making a movie and a TV series came up. Hopefully we find out soon!

  131. I can only say…I had to send the dark hunter series to Iraq for my son and his buddies…. then he of course claimed them and had the double bow tattooed on his side…. A Sherrilyn Groupie

  132. i stumbled upon Sherrilyns books by accident and have fell in love with all of the Dark Hunter series i cant get enough of them. I absolutely love all of her books. i love Simi she is so innocent and funny. Cant get enough

  133. Love, Love, Love your books. Have been reading them for years and am hooked! Keep up the good work!

  134. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon! Her stories are rereadable a hundred times over, and totally heart breaking! I’m still stuck crying over Styxx! I read him ever night before bed and sob.

  135. I absolutely love all of the Dark Hunter books and have shared them with many friends. Even though Colt doesn’t have his story yet I adore him still. I was extremely excited when CON came out. Finally it was something I could share with my son and my niece who are now big fans. These both are series that I must have the actual book in hand. No e-reader will do. Keep up the great work I look foward to many more books.

  136. I just wanted to say thank you to Sherri for creating these wonderful books. My sister introduced me to the books and over the last few months I’ve really become addicted to them. It may seem odd to say but I really feel like the characters are friends of mine. They make me laugh, inspire me to better myself and cause me think about how important it is to make each moment count in life. I love Ash in particular and his ability to remain goodhearted despite everything he’s been through in life. Also, I can’t lie I absolutely love the romance aspect and the passion so many characters have for each other. Fang is one of my favorites as well as Dev, and Nick, to be honest it’s hard to pick a favorite. Anyways, I am only about midway through the Dark Hunter series but I can’t way to continue reading, that series as well as your other lines as well! So please keep writing! I love them all!

  137. I’ve been a fan since I first read “Night Pleasure”. Why? Because when I read Kyrian’s story it felt like my own. Having been through a divorce where my husband cheated on me, I felt very alone & like no one understood how much that betrayal hurt. When I read this book I thought “this is somebody who gets it, who understands!” And I cried like I never had before. Because that kind of pain does feel like being crucified. But I also laughed at Amanda & the “yummy leather guy” reference. And soon they became real & like a family to me. Sherri’s book gave me hope again & made me realize I wasn’t alone. When I’m going through a hard time in my life I pull out one of her books to remind me to keep going. And that “the strongest steel is forged in the fires of hell.” Thank you so much Sherri! And thank you to your family, friends & book people that have encouraged you & allow you to share your gift with the rest of us! πŸ™‚

  138. I love paranormal books and Sherrilyn’s are a unique take on that subject. I also appreciate that her characters are not all teens or young adults that act more like they are in their 30’s . While I enjoy a lot of YA/NA books I do enjoy books with more mature characters. Besides all that they are just great stories with characters that draw you in and have you rooting for certain ones. I’m always anxiously waiting for the next one to come out πŸ™‚

  139. I hope they get a good actor to play as Acheron and Nick. Hoping the movie is a huge success. πŸ™‚

  140. i’m really looking forward to the music being played throughout the CON movie and Dark-Hunters series

  141. I love these books. I enjoy them so much I reread them so often that it drives my husband up the wall! lol I have only three authors I love to read over and over again and Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of them. My kids ask me when can they read these books since mommy read them. lol Not until you are 16 years old I have told them and they go aaahhh. So disappointed.

  142. Six years ago I met the wonderful world of Kenyon, and although I am from Mexico and unfortunately or we get all his books, I’ve worked hard to get, so much so that it forms a group on facebook to ask the publisher that published .
    Until today, we 13 books author Goddess in Mexico and going for more.

  143. I was hooked on the Dark Hunter series with Night Pleasures. I have introduced my daughter to the CON series and she is getting into those! I am so happy Max is getting his book finally. He has been one character in the back ground I have been wondering over the years what his story was and now I get to find out. Just gotta wait till next year! All of Sherrilyn’s series have had a place in my life. I am always rereading the books or relistening to the audiobooks. My fav character is Zarek but my favorite book has been Night Play. Can’t wait to read the next book but will have to!

  144. ^^^ I agree with Brenda πŸ™‚ The blood moon is going to be a great addition to the next series. I was amazed when Sherrilyn Kenyon brought it up towards the end of Son of No One.

  145. I discovered the dark world quite by accident , having finished my library book too late to change it one evening a couple of years ago I scoured the house for something new to read, I came across the free copy of fantasy lover I’d had from Iceland and thought I’d give it a go, I haven’t stopped reading them since, I have now read all the dark hunter books and am currently half way through son of no-one. Can’t wait for dragonbane the cover is amazing.

  146. Hope the website updates soon with the awards. They’re all great. I can’t help but keep collecting points πŸ™‚

  147. I actually remember going to Barnes & Noble every 3-4 weeks and always passing by Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Chronicles of Nick books all the time. I would always look at it but never bought them. Then earlier this year, late April I think, I decided to buy the first book and see how it went. I couldn’t put it down! I started reading on a Monday, school day, and actually finished the whole thing 3 hours after I got home. I went back to Barnes & Noble to get the next one and finished that on a school day as well. I bought the other 3 books and finished those in 4 days, because band :P. I have no regrets! I just wish I bought them sooner!!! I’ve been waiting since early May for Instinct and I can’t wait until it’s released! Maybe I should read the Dark Hunter’s books while I wait… Hmmm πŸ™‚

  148. My sister first introduced me to Chronicles of Nick when she let me read Kenyon’s Infinity manga. It was amazing and i was dying for the next one.
    I then started reading the actual novels and was so intrigued with every book πŸ™‚

  149. I love the Dark Hunter Series. No doubt about it. Not only is it funny, sarcastic, and exciting, but there’s a life lesson in every one of them. I find I quote Acheron to my kids. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” That can be applied to so much in life that you don’t need magic or powers for. Styxx is by far my favorite. I’d tell why, but won’t spoil it for others. I am very grateful to have found this series when I did. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s wisdom, intelligence, creativity and ability to say what needs to be said about almost any situation so it makes sense and is non-offensive is a true gift, and I am beyond grateful that she’s found such a fabulous way to share that gift with the world.

  150. Sherrilyn Kenyon is by far my favorite author. She is Talented. She is Creative. She is everything I have looked forward to when reading. πŸ™‚
    she has inspired me to read and read and read. Because of her, I have found myself feeling better. Her novels practically saved my life. I look forward to reading the League. It’s the only series I haven’t had the chance to read.

  151. I read, “No Mercy” and I was wondering… where did Simi go when Acheron told her to go protect Samia and Dev? Simi never showed up… I am a little confused about that. Anyway, I am waiting for Retribution to get here. I should arrive in a few days. can’t wait to read it! I am reading all out of order but I can still kind of put the pieces together.

  152. I love the Dark Hunter Series but I swear Styxx is my favorite! I love him strength and devotion πŸ™‚

  153. lol i am so impatient! I can’t wait for the next book in any of the series, I love love love sherrilyn kenyon series, series?serieses?? so much!, I even got my daughter to start reading them, shes 22 now and shes going as a DH for holloween, rotfl, even has the leather long coat from the seventies we bought in a little shop in saratoga. lolgreat outfit boostie and all, sword the works, I may have to borrow it some times to hit the town!*l*

  154. These books are amazing, and Kenyon rocks. I’m always thinking about her characters, even at the strangest for moments: Such as yesterday when someone opened a truck door when I was riding my bicycle full throttle. Flew over the handle bars, took a direct hit to the head, and according to eye witnesses rolled a few times in a diagonal direction. All I could think of while I was tearing up was that Nick Gautier had guts to not burst into tears after being beat up on. ‘Cause really, lying on the ground bruised hurts like heck. And that some of his Crappy (Yet highly interesting) luck must have rubbed off on me. A: Bad luck for truck door opening and me flying minus the wings. B. Really good luck since I crashed in front of a PA. (No broken bones, either, which was a dang miracle.) All I had to do was think of Nick and his sarcastic comments while injured, and suddenly I felt a heck of a lot better lying on the asphalt. So thank-you Sherrilyn for your awesome characters who make people smile and laugh! (Oh, and I now totally understand Cherise and her flipping out every time Nick gets injured. My Mom was near tears when I glazed over that part of my day…)

  155. Just got all 4 Dark Hunter mangas πŸ™‚ So excited. I wonder why there’s only 4. I love them so much! The art work is very good and I enjoy it. I hope more come out.

  156. I am a third year college student. Good lord knows I get stressed out sometimes lol. But sitting down and reading a good book such as a dark hunter one really helps relive the stress. πŸ™‚

  157. Well I’ve been going through a bit of a funk lately so I’m going to start on The League and see if I like the books as much as the DH ones.

  158. I absolutely love Kenyon’s books. I own all the Dark/Were/Dream Hunter books and have read them all several times. Even Son of No One! I even got my 18 year old son hooked on the series. Now I’m just waiting for my husband to have time so I can get him hooked too.

  159. I have been reading the Dark Hunter books for years and have come to love The League and of course CON books! My daughter is 16 and she has become a huge fan as well, she is even using names from the books for her pets and future children….. I have gotten behind on my reading lately but I am getting caught up, my problem is when I start reading I can’t seem to stop…… One of my goals in life is to go visit New Orleans and to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon. The Dark Hunter characters give me a way to make this world bearable when it starts getting too intense.

  160. I love these books. I was hooked after reading Vane’s book (he was my first). Then I read Fantasy Lover and all the rest. Please keep up the good work Ms. Kenyon. Much love from the “D.”

  161. I’m so happy my best friend showed me this series. First Kenyon book I ever read was Kyrian’s book πŸ™‚ I instantly fell in love and then read Acherons book. I love how I can read any book and still get it. It’s nice πŸ™‚

  162. The books are so real and enjoyable that I think I have developed mutli-personalities with! I talk to them and argue with them all the time my wife even does it with me . Our entire family loves these books of course the kids love the Chronicle of Nick sereies. Our older son and daughter are fans as well. We love this world you have created and love the work you do. Can’t even have a favorite character because they all have great things about them. So far my family loves Simi! Can’t wait for a Savitar book!

  163. Don’t you hate it when photos don’t want to load :/. Well anyway when I can I will upload my Artemis costume :3 turned out pretty nice if I do say so.

  164. I just started reading the Dark-Hunters Series three years ago. While I know that this was not a lot of time for me to really get to know her work ( I usually get used to an author after five+ more years), I enjoy Kenyon’s works.

    Since I have started, I have not been able to go very long without her books. They are like water to me. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  165. I just redeemed my first prize! The, “Son of No One” poster! I hope I get it soon. I cannot wait to hang it up! xD

  166. I have been reading Sherri’s books for years, and I never get tired of them! After a long days it’s great to be able to escape for awhile with such an array of amazing characters and stories. She is truly talented.

  167. i got my book in the mail yesterday i’m so happy the rewards are really fast on here i love it now i have to buy the first one so i can read this one =)

  168. I completely adore escaping into a SK novel and have now read all of them. Eagerly awaiting CON’s, Instinct. However I was devastated to find out that the Chronicles of Nick was to be a 12 book series! Oh my! How can I wait so long! Write fast Sherrilyn. Stay healthy too! Will be pining for the future books in series: “Insidious” the book where the reader realises she is trapped forever in limbo awaiting future books in series, “Invidious” the poor reader resents ever picking up series and hopes author doesnt pull a George R R Martin and leave her hanging for years, “Intrepid” the plucky reader plows on hoping she hasnt forgotten key plot lines and secondary characters, “Irksome”, yep the tragic reader did forget key plot lines and characters in intervening years between books and had to read entire Chronicles of Nick and Dark Hunter series to refresh memory. “Iniquity” the author and reader are bonded in an evil sadomasochistic relationship that will only end after book 12 is released. “Insanity” or “Idiocy” the reader comes to the understanding that this is the last book. The last one. The Interminable series is over. But where does it leave her. Not relieved. Like an addict she needs more! But there is none where to turn? Arrgghhh!

  169. Because of Miss Sherrilyn Kenyon, I love to read all kinds of books.
    Every time I read my mind wanders off, I love to write my own Fanfiction’s because I was inspired by reading the Nick Chronicles.
    She’s a Fantastic Writer, a very Nice lady, and I love reading her books. I would like to become a writer as Thank you for inspiring me to become a writer when I graduate and Thanks for making the Nick Chronicles..;)

  170. Yay! I just received my Son of No One poster today! I am so happy about it and can’t wait to frame it. Thank you Official Sanctuary team! πŸ™‚ And especially thanks to Sherri! <3

  171. I just redeemed for the first time for a bookmark so excited. Hope it comes soon! I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  172. The first book I ever read was Upon The Midnight Clear, it was a random book my mom got and ever since that, I wanted to read them all and find out the rest of the story before and after. I have them all in my closet in a built in shelf, along with all my other books that make up Sami’s Library and those I don’t have in paper/hard back I have on my kindle.

    Thanks to Sherri and reading her books throughout my high school days, I had friends who were always there for me on paper. <3

  173. I think I first started reading when I was about thirteen years old. My aunt had brought a bit of books down t give my mother and I ended up by random chance swooping up a copy of Unleash The NIght, since then I have manage to get a few good ones, owned nearly all of The League Series and well Most of the newer ones, the rest I have either been given or borrowed. I do plan on getting every single book, and the first one I bought myself was No Mercy, bought the electronic version first but there is NOTHING better than a hard copy. ^-^ Every year it the one thing they give me for birthday and Christmas gift, Sherrilyn Kenyon Novels :3

  174. I can’t wait to start The League series! I just caught up with the Beladors and I have already read all of the Nick chronicles and Dark hunter novels I need some to read some more Sherrilyn Kenyon!

  175. I will always love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. A friend of mine got me started on them because she has that first ones in the Dark Hunter Series, and I have read the other books that she has written and I will love these books forever!!

  176. I feel a little out of the loop. I have been a Menyon for going on 8 years and I just found this site. Opps. I was first introduced to this series by a friend when I was 15, yeah I know I was probably to young but oh well. I was already reading the Anita Blake Series and such so it wasnt a big shock to me.
    I was instantly hooked as I started with Julian and Grace’s book. The way she was able to to weave the story together was seamless, as a writer I hope I am able to do the same when I find and stick to the plot idea
    Last year I got my first DH themed Tattoo. I am one of them πŸ˜‰

  177. If I could live anywhere, in book(s), I would choose Sherrilyn Kenyon books hands down. I love them dearly and they take me places of adventure, love and excitement. Thank you for peace and serenity! (Currently reading Dream Warrior)

  178. hey sherry i am new and a Nigerian i am from a country where young girls are discouraged from goin to school and reading. am sure you heeard about the chibok girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria, #bringbackourgirls, am not one of them girls though but i luv readin alot and i luv skul too i started readin your books since i was six and now I am about 21. The only problem is getting your books are always soo hard i really try 2 get them 2 no avail i wish i cuold easily get them here in this country

  179. In 2005 I lost my Papow-the man who along with my Mamow had raised me from a baby. Since I was young, books were always our thing. I loved to read and to write stories. My Papow also loved books. When I got to be a teenager I would bring home books for him. When he got sick in 1996 I doubled up on buying him books. He loved old westerns and true life adventure/story books. Me, I stuck to my historical romances and horror novels. When he died in 2005, I stopped. I stopped reading, going to the bookstore, and even writing. In 2009, I found myself in a Walden’s Books. I didn’t really know why I was there or what I wanted. I looked over familiar titles and authors and just blew past them. I was on my way out when an associate began chatting me up and recommended 2 books-one was by J R Ward and the other was Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I bought those two and Acheron because the woman said Acheron was her favorite. It was four days later that I started reading Fantasy Lover and I have been forever hooked. In 2010, Sherrilyn came to Greenwood, Indiana and I saved money like a miser to afford to go and see her. It was my first book signing let alone meeting a well known famous author or anyone. It is still in my top 10 favorite life experiences-probably in the top five. So it is safe to say that Sherrilyn Kenyon got me out of my reading and writing slump. Since then I have published a few books of my own-and I’m making strides to keep working towards honing my craft; hoping to one day make it like she has.

  180. Like everyone else I came across Shrrilyn’s books over 10 years ago by my Iucky day accident. I have read all the dark hunter novels and have almost all of them either in paperback or hardback, Stxx and The Son Of No One is on the ereader. Also I have all her stuff as Kinley MacGregor just a fantastic writer with the brotherhood of the sword and the lords of Avalon. lol, yes you are indeed a very talented and very smart lady, 15 different languages half of those dead eh? You teach also.. How fdo I know this? I read your review and let me say I’m very impressed with you telling people like it is.. Yep so, keep on writing the good books and we will all keep reading them! I promise…

  181. I’ve been reading The Dark Hunters since 2006, and the books just keep getting better! I have gotten my mom to read them and countless friends and we LOVE each book. But I think the one that sticks with us all the most is Styxx. I got it with my son and even he was fascinated by the Phoenix on the cover and eager to flip through the pages. No one has stuck with me more than Styxx’s story! I wept, I threw it in outrage for him, I wept because I threw it, so many emotions! And I cannot wait until the next book because I know they will just keep getting better! I even named my son Nik, and a cat Marvin after Marvin the monkey!

  182. Nikki, I am glad that you were able to get back to reading and writing, what kind of books have you written? I’d be interested in reading them, I’m always on the look out for new independent books to read, and whats better than to read an inspiring author and fellow writer that has similar book tastes.

  183. I have been a Menyon for many years now and have read almost every book she’s published and love them. I’m a Dark-hunter addict and recently got my sister hooked. She laughed and chortled her way through Infinity. She says she wants to read more. Think I’ve created a new Menyon πŸ™‚

  184. One day I was browsing through books at Wal Mart looking for something new to read and stumbled upon Kiss of the Night, not realizing it was a couple books into the series already I bought it and fell in love. I then started tracking down all the books in the series at the time and read and re-read them. Keep em coming. I cant get enough!!!!

  185. I have an awesome mother and best friend!!! My mother got me hard back versions of One Silent Night (Strykers book) and Seize the Night (Valerius book)!!! Meep! <3 And she also got me Son of No One which I have been looking very forward to. And then my best friend gets me the hard back version of Night Play!! I feel so loved πŸ™‚

  186. I found my first Kenyon book on a shelf in my public library, trying to distract myself from family and school pressures. The only reason- since I had never heard of Sherrilyn Kenyon before that point, I was 13- I picked up that book was because my little brother’s name is Nicholas, his favorite color is blue, and I thought it was really weird for me to be thinking about him right before that book showed up. I read it, was confused by the fast pace, and didn’t return to it for a few years. Biggest mistake of my life. But the book never left me. I always wondered what I was missing by not reading it, and I guess part of the reason was that Nick Gautier reminded me to much of my brother. You know how you hate it when someone shoves a mirror in your face and calls you out as a hypocrite? So I picked it up again, and realized that I had been missing out. The more I read the CON books, and then the DH series, I started to realize what my issue with my brother had been, and with my family. I ended up fixing my relationship with my brother and I keep kicking myself for putting down that book originally, seeing as I could have solved a lot of problems in my life earlier if I had listened to my gut and not my logic.
    My brother Nick is now hooked on the series with me, and is obsessed with the League. I’ve learned so many life lessons from these books, things I was taught and things I never even thought of, that I can’t list them all. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I never thought of what kind of writer I would be. If I could do what Mrs. Kenyon does, and fix relationships and help people through hard times before it all goes to hell, I think that would be the greatest honor. What surprises me the most is how friendly everyone I’ve met at her book signing in San Deigo were. As an introvert person who can’t really speak English to save my life (Despite it being my first language), I was shocked to find myself completely comfortable in the presence of strangers. I seriously don’t believe anyone who likes Kenyon could be a truly evil person, or even bad- I don’t think it physically possible. So for all you Menyons and Mrs. Kenyon, I wish you the best in life and hope to meet ya’ll someday. Sooner rather than later, preferably.

  187. i love her dark-hunter series. my ex-boyfriend actually introduced me to the series. i love how it’s set in modern time but still has the mythology and history with it. it’s one of the series i’m trying to collect all of so i can read them all in order

  188. In school, it took a lot of bribery from my English teacher to get me to read a book. I just wasn’t interested & still wasn’t, not until after I had the biggest seizure episode of my life. It lasted off & on for almost a year, until they found a medication that helped. I am not able to work because of that. My grandmother & I was in a store, she was looking at the books, & she asked me to just try to read a book. I looked at her with a disgusting face, but I was humoring her by looking & reading the backs. I came upon Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Night Play”, read the back, & decided I would try to read it. After the 1st chapter, I was hooked. I read it in 2 days. Now, I have over 400 books which includes the entire Dark-Hunter series, CoN, & the League series. So, thank you, Sherrilyn for getting me hooked on reading books.

  189. I honestly cannot remember which of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books I read first but I do remember I came across her because I was looking for a new author to read and had seen her recommended on several reading lists on several different web sites. The quick wit of her writing got my attention immediately and her talented story telling has kept me a big fan every since. I have slowed down on reading for the last few years because of school (I will be receiving my Bachelor’s in psychology in May and am amazed at the psychology in these books). I am at the end of my program and am finishing up electives which have a slightly lighter workload so I hope to catch up on one of my favorite authors before going back to the grind when I start my masters program in July; I am really looking forward the Chronicles of Nick and catching up on the Dark Hunters.

  190. I will get this tattoo! I consider myself so lucky that 16 years ago I found my first book written by Sherrilyn Kenyon book at a WalMart. It was Night Embrace. Been reading her ever since.

  191. What is annoying about school is when it when usually take me only a few days or so to finish a book now takes me a month! DX I miss being able to read when I want. Ah well. At least I know the book shall be waiting for me.

  192. I have finally got my best friend to read S.K. I am enjoying the victory!!!! I know how to pick a great author and you cannot get better than Sherrilyn Kenyon.

  193. I know i hate not havbing time to read =( between work housework nad my kid i dont have nearly enough time to read

  194. I absolutely Love Sherrilyn K!! I can’t wait for any of her books to come out but the CON books are special because now I can share one of my fav authors with my kids! My son loves them and has always got them for Christmas every year since they started I guess this year will be an Easter gift, lol. I haven’t gotten my daughter to read them yet because she says she already has tons of books waiting but once I do she will be so mad she waited SO long! Love you Sherri, please keep writing!!

  195. Well where to start, one, I love your dark hunter books sherrilyn, I always want to read them but can’t seem to find the last 4-8 I need to finish the series, I was about 13 so two years ago when I first read bad moon rising and It was the one to get me hooked into the series, I read fantasy lover and was quite shocked at how different yet the same the books aligned together. I really can’t wait till I get my hands onto Styxx as I want to find out what happens to him after ash sends him to being a normal person.

    If anyone knows where I could find the series in New Zealand if possible please let me know…
    I have many emails so I don’t care if one gets hacked as I can just shut it down

  196. I got hooked on Sherrilyn Kenyon when a book that had gotten damaged during shipment was in danger of being thrown away (!). I bought it for half price. Fantasy Lover was my first purchase…I now have and entire shelf (deep one) devoted to her novels. And I know I’ve missed quite a few and have catching up to do, but I love the stories…although I have to admit, Archeron is my fave, with Nykyrion (sorry about the spelling) being right behind. Thank you for sharing your world with the rest of us!

  197. I began reading Sherrilyn Kenyon in 2006 when my then boyfriend told me about them. I’ve always loved mythology and vampire books and so decided to start at the beginning after a long conversation with him. In 2013, having read all her Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter books I was in a Barnes and Noble bookstore when two other women came into the romantic fiction aisle where I was trying to find a book. I pardoned myself for being in their way as they were looking at her books as well and we all began to discuss Acheron and Styxx. For 30 minutes we stood talking, random strangers, discussing books and laughing like old friends. They even talked me into purchasing the first book of the League series and I have since purchased all of the League in both book format and tablet e-book. We actually had one of the employees at B&N come over to the aisle and look down it because we were rather loud, laughing and talking about the books. And she made the comment that she hadn’t known about the books but was intrigued by them from just listening to us and that it was unusual and rather heartening to hear people discuss loving to read. There are very few authors that I enjoy reading and talk about, recommending them to my family and friends. But Sherrilyn Kenyon is definitely the best. I can’t wait to meet her!

  198. I started the DH series when I was 19 with Acheron. I borrowed the book from a friend who told me it was really good. Since then I have been hooked, and have read every book in the DH, WH, DH, and CON.. As well as all of the short stories. The friend who had me borrow Acheron thinks I am

  199. The first book I picked up was Dance With Devil at the age of 20, not knowing what was in store for me or what to even expect. I fell completely in love with Zarek and Astrid and thier world so much that I just couldn’t bring myself to put it down. I’ve never been so atattached to a book series before. I certainly never expected to be, now at the age of 28, still collecting the books of this amazing world or finding myself reading and rereading them over and over again. I can’t even begin to express my love for the characters and the many personalities that Sherrilyn has created, they are simply amazing.

  200. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books so much! The way she connects all her characters and stories is just phenomenal! Sherrilyn Kenyon was the first adult fantasy author I ever read and even now she’s still hands down my favourite author. I still cry reading Acheron! She is the best author I have ever had the opportunity to come across and I am waiting anxiously for her next book. I’m telling everyone of my friends how great an author she is but because they’re not big book readers I cant wait for the movie and the tv show! They’ll be BEGGING me to introduce them to her books! haha XD.

  201. This is a list of my current tattoos, three of them are Sherrilyn Kenyon related.

    The first Dark-Hunter book I read was Devil May Cry. Slowly but surely I got a hold of the rest of the books. I proceeded to jump around in order but I loved every single one of them. This series means a lot to me. Sherri is a major role model for me as a person and as a writer. I simply can’t wait to meet her! I used to pre-order the books but now I just run to the store the day they are out. I can’t wait for the rest of the Year of the Dragon! πŸ™‚ I have small group of friends from school that I converted into Menyon’s.

  202. My journey through the kenyon-verse began with a dream, it sounds corny I know. But I had a dream one night where I was hiding romance novels from my family because I was embarrassed by them, the one in particular I was hiding had a reddish cover. I was and still am a veracious reader but I never had even looked at a romance novel before. About a week later a friend handed me Wren’s book and told me I should read it, I recognized it and I’ve been here ever since.

  203. I love books. Since I was 18 when I started to read love/fantasy books instead of preparing for my SAT.
    After a while when Twilight came along, and Hollywood put accent on vampires and other kind of supernatural beings I’ve started to read vampire/fantasy series. I took everything that I could find and read it.
    First time when I started to read Fantasy Lover I gave up after first pages because I found Gods are in the story. ( I wanted vampires not Gods)
    After a while I started again Fantasy lover and I’ve finished it. It was a good story – but I can’t say that it was my favorite. (I wasn’t used with the Gods part)
    Then I read Kyrian story and everything changed.
    I fell in love with Kenyon’s characters and with her after that.
    I read Dark-Hunter series, League, B.A.D., CON, Sea wolves, Brotherhood of the sword, Lords of Avalon and everything that I could find from Kenyon.
    I simply love the League and Dark Hunter. (These series are my favorite in whole wide world)
    These books are my “happy place.” Every time when I’m stressed or down I read them.
    My friends have to listen to me ramble about her books. Every time I read one of her books I started to ramble about it. One of my friends told me that and I quote: “I should start reading those damn books because your excitement is contagious.”
    I can’t wait the next books,
    I AM AN ADDICT and my drug is Kenyon’s books.

  204. just read born of night and currently reading born of fire sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. I have been a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon for about 10 years or longer. I don’t remember who mentioned the Dark Hunter books to me, but I was in Books A Million, looking for something to read and found her. I started at the beginning with Fantasy Lover. I fell in love with her characters right from the beginning. They were so well written that it was hard to put them down. I own the series up through Acheron, but right after it came out I had to leave my home and move in with my parents to take care of my mom. Unfortunately I don’t have room for all of them here but I do buy and read them on my computer. As much as I love the DH series, I absolutely love her League series and the CON series. Thank you Sherri for filling our nights and days with such amazing stories. You truly are the author Goddess that everyone calls you!! Can’t wait to read more!

  206. There are very few authors anymore that I make a point of collecting their books and making sure that I have every one of them but Sherrily Kenyon is one of them I not only collect her Dark Hunter series but I also collect her The League series. I found it quite fateful that the day I decided to go back to the very beginning and start the Dark Hunter series over again I found her site of Re-Read Archives and was able to make sure that I read them again in order on my Kindle without having to disturb my collection or risk damaging one of my books. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see who we find out about next in the series and can think of a couple of characters I would love to hear more of their stories from the hints we get in other books Have already completed rereading the very first hunter book Fantasy Lover and revisiting with Grace and Julian now can’t wait to start Night Pleasure and return to the world of Amanda and Kyrian!!! πŸ™‚

  207. Sigh!!!! I just love these books. My first one was the first CON. Read it and loved it. Started doing research and found a whole plethora of books. So knowing some of the books were older I started looking in library books stores, used book stores, and GoodWill stores (where I found the whole set of Dream Hunters ) I was down to five books to get and couldn’t find them, I was trying to stay in the area and support local business so I just waited and kept checking. I went to my moms house one day and she said she had a surprise for me. Well the surprise was two Barnes and Noble gift cards that were in my dads drawer in his dresser. My dad had passed away about 7 months prior to that. My mom said she had been in that drawer a bunch of times and didn’t see them, but there they were right in front. So we ran to B&N and got the rest of the books. So that night I thanked my dad for his gift.
    This past summer I had the pleasure of meeting Sherri at the B&N in San Diego, what a gracious woman. It’s been a pleasure reading her stories.

  208. I originally heard about the dark hunter series from a friend about 6 or 7 years ago. Now I can’t wait to devour the next book and i often re-read just to revisit old friends.

  209. Chinese New Year is coming up and we celebrate it pretty big here in Las Vegas. This is my daughter, who is not only a huge fan of the CoN series , but is also a Lion Dancer, wishing everyone “Gong xi fa cai”.

  210. The world that Sherrilyn Kenyon has created got me through very rough times in my life. The struggle that every character faces kept me going. I held my head high, stopped always staring at the floor, and had pride in myself. My thanks and I spread the word to my friends to read her books…. especially the dark hunter series.

  211. I came upon Sherrilyn and all my new family when I got done reading Mortal Instruments.I was looking for more great reads at the library and found the Dark Hunter series. I have read all but the dream hunter series and the magma series. I look forward to her book every morning and every evening. She calms me and also brings me to realize how great my life is. I have come to a point in life where her series have given me a mew outlook and appreciation of life and of the imagination. My family does not understand so I am alone in this journey. Don’t know what I’ll do once I read the Dream Hunter series! I hope to some day meet Sherrilyn at a signing and would love to see the League Series become a tv series. Love You Sherrilyn keep writing so I don’t have withdrawl!!!!

  212. Sherrilyn Kenyon books definitely teach us that love can change everything, but false love can destroy all. My heart hurts for the characters that are betrayed and lost. That is one of the major reasons I cannot put her books down when I start reading them. They are just suck me into the world and I never want to leave!!!

  213. Acheron has the best quotes in the books (at least in my opinion). He gives until there is nothing left and somehow keeps going. For an author to have such fantastic characters is unbelievable. I am so happy that I discovered S.K. when I was 13 and have not stopped reading her since.

  214. The first Dark-Hunter book I ever picked up was on September 7 2007. My house burned down August 31 of that same yea. We had lost everything and was living in a pricy hotel that our house insurance people paid for. I had nothing at all to do. No paper to draw on, no computer to continue writing my fanfiction on absolutely nothing The hotel even had a pool and I had no swimsuit.

    So, my sister who had come down to help us with everything had taken me to the store and after I bought a swimsuit. (What can I say it was hot in september and I wanted to swim.) I was browsing the book section in Walmart. Now first I want to point out I had heard of the Dark-Hunter series before but I had so many books I didn’t think on it to much. I only heard of it cause I bought The first Dream-Hunter book and always liked reading the list of what other books there were.

    Anyways, I picked up The burn journal, A child called “It”, and Sip of Blood. I was just about to head to the checkout with my sister when I seen in big letters. “Devil May Cry” It got me curious so, I picked it up and that was when I seen the author’s name. I was like “I know that I seen that name somewhere else.” I started reading bits of the inside and when I came across the words <b"Dark-Hunter" I nearly dropped my other books when I ran to my sister at top speed. Dodging and weaving around adults, workers, boxes, and a few near miss collision with some carts that always come out of nowhere when you are excited.

    Reaching the other end of the store, I caught up to my sister and was jumping up and down waving the book in her face (Like really I could have and probably did bonk her nose.) and almost yelling out…

    “Th-this book! It’s ummm …ummm Part of the Dark-Hunter series I heard about back when I had The Dream-Hunter book! Wait… do they even have The Dream-Hunter here as well. I need to get that book to replace the one I lost in the fire!”

    I ran back and managed to find that book to. Then ran back to my sister and kept going on.

    “This author here! Is so AWESOME! I didn’t think about the Dark-Hunter books before because ummm… ummm… It… ummm… It was just a passing thought back then! And I ended up forgeting about it! Anyways I am buying these books! PLEASE!”

    When I got back to the hotel I started on Devil May Cry and completely forgetting about the fact that I wanted to go swimming, I read it the rest of that day (Stopping to only eat and use bathroom) and finished it by the middle of the next day. Then I went swimming for a few hours then when I went back inside I picked up the book and re-read it.

    And I to this day am always telling my mom that if I could choose to have any of her books be autographed (If I ever met her) then it would be Devil May Cry since it hold such value to me and is a huge part of my life that really feels like it started that day I picked it up.

    So, thank you for writing those books. If you didn’t write them I don’t know what I would be reading now and that is a scary thought.

  215. I absolutely love every book Sherrilyn Kenyon writes and am on the edge of my seat for the next one to arrive. There are some many characters and books that I want to read by her but I fear I will not have enough time πŸ˜€ It is still amazing how she writes so much at the quality that within each book. I hope she never stops writing!

    As I was going through google images looking at paranormal photos I came across this one. It reminds me a lot of Acheron in his demon form. Hope you like it!

  216. I have finally gotten the comics and manga by Sherrilyn Kenyon…. it took forever to find them reasonable priced. Didn’t stop me from always looking though. Happy to report that I have them all and enjoying the stories.

  217. I just wanted to share my story here with others that would understand. I picked up my first Dark-Hunter novel, Kiss of the Night back when I was in high school. I was instantly hooked and have been reading the series ever since. Little did I know that I already had a Kenyon novel that I had picked up a couple of years before, Paradise City (first printing) at a garage sale for a quarter (a steal, I know!). Kenyon’s novels have gotten me through some hard times. I was raped back in 2013 (it’s hard to talk about but getting easier every day) and her novels helped me escape the trauma that it caused me, even if only for a little while. The Dark-Hunter series and The League series helped me realize that I was not a victim, I am a survivor. They showed me that no matter how bad I was feeling, how much I wanted to go to sleep and never wake up, no matter how badly I thought of killing myself or doing something drastic, I was still able to feel and see that there are happy endings out there to be had if only you will reach for them.

    Her novel Styxx really struck a chord with me and proved to me that I could still smile and laugh even though I had been attacked and scarred. That novel showed me that I can wear my scars proudly and move forward with my life. That’s how I am able to admit that I am a survivor of rape, and to help others that have been through a similar situation as me.

    Thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for sharing your wonderful imagination with the world and to help people like me get through the hard and dark times and showing us that we can keep our spirit, grace, and selves intact through everything.


  218. Wanted to let all s.k. fans know to check your dollar general stores. I scored Retribution and a dream hunter novel for 3 dollars each, and one is a hardback! Most of my books got damaged in my storage unit when I lost my home and had to move quickly. Being able to replace my s.k. books has been my top priority of books to replace first. Just wanted to share with everyone.

  219. I just wanted to say that… I hated reading! it was the most boring thing of life! I just couldn’t fathom how people can just stare at words for hours. It was he worst.
    But that’s until I found a book a long time ago I can’t remember what year it was. It was the Born of Night one. I don’t know why in the world I decided to pick the book, I was at a little convenience store that resided in a hotel and I saw the little book rack with all these colorful books and The Born of Night book just randomly caught my attention.
    So i head over to the rack, grab this book and I read the back cover. I was so fascinated, that I decided to buy this random book! Anyways….. The moment I started reading the book I was super entranced. It was just so captivating, I even finished it the same day. I never knew reading could be so much fun! It was like TV! but inside your head, where you imagine all the characters. So much fun! really!
    So what I’m trying to say is, thank you! It was cause of you that I started to love reading. You’re brilliant mind with all these amazing things. Now I can’t stop reading at all, It’s ridiculous. That was the first book I ever bought, and now I have a bazzilion. ha ha. most of my books are yours, I’m just in love with the characters and the stories and everything! Anywayssss. That’s all I wanted to share. πŸ˜€ <3 <3 Can't wait to read the new ones.

  220. I met you in Oak Brook Borders in 2006. When I found out you would be in N.J. the following year for the N.J.R.W conference, I signed up for my first. I only got to speak to you for a second, but when I told you I was told I had stage 3b breast cancer, you were concerned. I wanted to give up so many times on life as well as my writing. I lived through the year long chemo, but had a long road to go. I got MRSA and it took two years and seven surgeries to get rid of it. Through it all, I read and re-read your books. They helped me see not everyone has a peaceful happy life, and I needed to hang in there. I write historical romance, but do not have the guts to sent it out to anyone to read. I am not a brave person.
    I plan on writing for myself and look forward to reading every book you write. I fell in love with Nick, and I hope his books can bring about a different ending for his life, then on of hate and murder. I still suffer health problems, but as long as you don’t give up, I won’t. Thanks for the hours and hours of enjoyment and the escape from my worries and troubles.

  221. I absolutely LOVE the Dark Hunter series. My mom introduced them to me about a year ago and I haven’t been able to put the books down yet. They are funny, heart-warming, heart-breaking, and just all around perfect. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

  222. I can’t wait for the next CoN book!!! Nick has always been one of my favorite characters and I’m so happy that we can finally see his full story and I hope he is able to change his life for the better.

  223. Been a fan since Dark Side of the Moon, and have even found myself copying Kenyons writing style, not her characters but her style in my own series. I found the CON series by accident and can’t wait for the next one of those to come out, along with the new Dark/Were Hunter book. I’ve read Styxx a dozen or more times and when I fire perform with weapons I use that same style as the ancient Greeks for the shows. Thanks SK, I don’t think that I co find so many things that appeal to me so quickly.

  224. I first started reading Kenyon when I was in 9th grade I’m now in my third going on fourth year of college. A woman was throwing out books and “couldn’t be bothered with taking them somewhere”. It was a big tote on the side of the road and I was walking around the neighborhood and saw it. I noticed that it basically had books in it and I am a HUGE book lover. So I hefted the thing almost all the way home. I got halfway down my street when my older brother came out of the house and carried it the rest of the way. Once cleaned off I found that I had gotten 12 books in total that had Sherrilyn Kenyon in them some way. 7 of them where DH books, while the rest were collections of short stories. Ever since then I have been hooked on reading Kenyon’s books. I have yet to meet Sherrilyn, but I am hoping one day!

  225. I started reading these books a few years ago. A month later I was caught up, and waiting on styxx. I was so hooked! Then I found the nick series, and am now waiting on the end of the month. It really is a world of its own and I hope it never ends.

  226. I love all of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. I have got my oldest daughter and other family and friends reading them.

  227. Sherrilyn Kenyon and her books are amazing. They’ve provided hours of entertainment for me and my sister. I have the entire Dark Hunter series in paperback and I enjoy them and the Chronicles of Nick series.

  228. I discovered Sherrilyn Kenyon a few years about, and quickly be a devoted reader. I love her books, and as a added bonus I got my mom hooked on her books too.

  229. My best friend bought me Born Of Fury!!!! Can’t wait to read it. The wait for Dragonbane is killing me though… sigh.

  230. I have loved your books for about 4 years now my husband got me into them and when amdreading one it takes me to a whole new world and i can see the scene’s play out in front of me and then when i finished a book am back in reality and it sucks so i pick up another and enjoy my very own movie they totally rock the book world for me

  231. I think I may have convinced my aunt to read the DH! It’s exciting to think I’ve gotten someone else into this fascinating world.

  232. I got my mom hooked on reading Kenyon, we go out of our way to get each other hooked on authors. I’m really enjoying this rewards program as well. I’m hoping to get the first CON book. I have three other ones from the series.
    I would love to get the double bow and arrow on my clavicle.

  233. I wish March 31 would hurry up and get here. The last nick book was a bit of a cliff hanger! I gotta find out what that Cajun gets himself into next… also, I wish my points would build up faster… sigh.

  234. My husband and I just love the Dark Hunter series… we even got my mom into it! Here is my son sporting his new Dark Hunter shirt!

  235. I hope there are more book prizes added before the reward program ends. I have plenty of points left but I already have the books in the catalog.

  236. i have fallen in love with these books and have helped inspire me to not give up on my dream of writing my own book someday!

  237. Hmm.. how would a sane person put this…


    Ive always loved to read, but finding things I enjoy have always been difficult. My mother always read icky romances, but finally I hit the age of 12 and my mum took me to the thrift store to pick out books for my birthday. DarkSide of the moon caught my eye and although I enjoyed the book, It still is not a favorite. It took me about two years to realize it was part of a large series, I was NOT happy when I found out it was like 8th or something in the series. ._. So instead of getting toys or artsy stuff for birthdays and xmas, everyone got me giftcards to books stores and money. I ended up spending 500+$ on SK books plus a few others. But omg, after I read even two books I was hooked at 13. My personality, always having been much like Simi, instantly locked on to her as a character. I fell in love with every character in the series, and everytime I think about the series possibly ending I just want to curl up into a ball and cry. Everytime I have to wait for a new book a feel the same way. I read too fast for my own good. I have had the first three chronicles of nick books for a while, but havent had much time to read. Well.. *cough cough* >.> I finished all three in a matter of 5 hours and my boyfriend is shocked. I had to make a point that the print is rather large, numerous times. >.> I can’t help but to take little ‘bawling breaks’ as my mother used to call them, where I pause and just cry my heart out cause it’s like, You die, and you die, and you die, and omg, I can’t even think about your death! My Chronicles of Nick books have tear splotches now, because it has happened so frequently. <..> I read them all at least once a year.. usually when another book comes out I even stick an extra complete reread in there. My books spines are so flimsy on some because of all the rereads.. I have mostly paperback, but I had to get Ash and Styxx in hardcover, cause well, duh!

    Would it be weird if I had a copy of each hardcover and paperback? >.> Cause I want to. xD

    Anywho, Sherrilyn Kenyon is my top favorite Author and has held that place since I began reading her books. Don’t know how she does it, but I am so glad she does!

    <3 Nikki

  238. Bad Moon Rising was the first book I ever read with the series and I got hooked!! My husband too!! We have the Bear Mark tattooed on our arms for our very own mating mark as I’ve always called him my bear!

  239. My best friend was reading the BDB series and I got caught in that world and She invited Me to join their FB page. They kept posting about other authors they were reading and Sherrilyn Kenyon kept getting mentioned so one day while shopping I saw Styxxs book and Bought it on a whim. I ended up searching her books on my phone and bought the whole series for like 20$ best purchase I’ve made!!! After reading Ash’s book I needed a break and ended up plowing through all of the league books. I’m so in love with these books!

  240. I almost have enough points for the signed book plate, yay! Btw, the reread for night play is now open!

  241. I really want this rewards program to continue. I have redeemed my points for the three books available. I have more points and hope that more books can be added. Please oh please keep the rewards program going!

  242. I would love to get a mating mark. Just not sure what ours would look like. My husband and I are really into dragons and he has two dragon tatts already. I can’t WAIT to read the new book. I’ve always wondered about the dragon shifter who lived on the top floor of Sanctuary…

  243. i really have enjoyed this website…..nice to have the right reading order and all the odds and ends on the site πŸ™‚

  244. Wow! There are a lot of books in this series and this is the first I’ve heard about them. It looks like there will be a lot of new books on my TBR list. Thanks Reading in Pajamas for sending me over!

  245. I finally ordered the book plate, yay! Instinct is almost upon us, I can’t wait! Who else will have the book completed in one day? I know I probably will. I have to say, I’ve never had an author where I loved every single book I’ve picked up.

  246. There’s only two things I want from the rewards program, the CON book and the DH double bow and arrow temporary tattoo. I just redeemed some points for the CON book. I am patiently wait for that. Now to save up for the temporary tattoo!

  247. I love Sherilynn Kenyon she is from my neck of the woods in Tennessee. A friend of mine gave me the first book Fantasy Lover. Oh my Gods I was hooked I now own either in paperback or kindle all of her books. I cannot wait for her next books. I love all the series she writes. The Dark Hunters, the League, B.A.D, that she wrote with Diane Love. Also the Chronicles of Nick. I have joined a role play site and enjoyed keeping to the characters that this group did. I was proud to be part of it.

  248. I have loved your books since the first time I picked up Tapestry. That was many years ago. I have followed your books faithfully and read everything you have ever written. I have also instilled a love of history and reading in my son because of your books. As a single mother for all of these years I have never been able to afford to go meet you in person and I am sure you get things like this all the time. My son is now in college and pursuing a History major in ancient civilizations. He is a freshman so who knows it could change but I wanted you to know that you have inspired others with your writing.

  249. I started reading the Dark Hunter series books in high school, by recommendation of my fantasy/paranormal romance obsessed friends. From the time I read my first book (–), I knew I was hooked. Every week a trip was made to one of my two local libraries to get my hands on the next one I could. I branched out to the Were Hunter, Dream Hunter, and Chronicles of Nick series as they each came along. Now, I can’t stand to be without them for too long and count them as some of my favorite books.

    My fondest hope is to achieve my dream of becoming a literary editor and someday working with Sherrilyn on her books. I want to give back as much joy as her work has given me.

    Thanks so much!

  250. As soon as I found out about Dragonbane, I preordered two copies. One to stay at home and one to travel with me so I can read it whenever I want! I’ve been in love with Maxis since his first appearance in what I believe to be Night Embrace and knowing I can finally understand his story and personality is so exciting.
    Plus, I’m more than eager to meet Seraphina and see how badass this amazing female is!

  251. I can’t wait for the dark hunter tv series to be released, dose anyone know when that would be ?

  252. I will be getting a tattoo soon. I will definitely be getting something s.k. but I don’t know what to get. There are so many ideas but only so much skin. Totally torn. Will definitely be from the dh series though.

  253. I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon a while ago … actually I was reading her and I didn’t know! I started by reading Kinley MacGregor’s books
    My friend and I were looking for something new to read and share and she found ‘Fantasy Lover’ and shared with me … I was hooked
    I love the stories and characters and I am always waiting for the next book πŸ˜‰

  254. I absolutely love the Dark Hunter Series! I started in the middle of the series years ago when my aunt borrowed me a book. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. The Dark Hunter world is amazing and I’m so glad I got a chance to read! Sherrilyn Kenyon is amazingly talented! I can’t wait for more!

  255. Just watched the trailer of Instinct. Love that the actor playing is the same in all the trailers.

  256. I do not know how but I am juggling work full time, 80 hour certification in 2 months, and still finding time to study and read s.k. Don’t know how i’m doing it but I am. Bring it on!

  257. I’ve been reading Instinct nonstop since I got it a few days ago!! So excited to reach the end but also dreading it because that means another year until the next CON book… D’:
    (But the next League is coming soon… Yay! ;3; )

  258. I absolutely love this rewards program!!! I got Fantasy Lover, Night Play, and Infinity in the mail yesterday!!! Love it!!!

  259. I picked up Fantasy Lover while in high school. I loved how the story really drew you in. Now, as I finish Son of No One, I can’t believe how big the world has gotten. From a small core of Dark-Hunters to the world ending events to happen, I can’t wait for the next story.

    When reading Acheron and Styxx, there were times where I couldn’t even handle the story. To this day, I can only read Part 1 of Acheron occasionally. While Styxxs story had me going from hating the brother to waiting for his HEA.

    Though this ramble, what I am getting at is that the words written in the stories haven gotten me though high school (insert evey choice here), though college (full time + 3 jobs and still time to read!), deaths, births and marriage. Her words have given me strength when I didn’t even know I needed it.

    Taking a line from the last page of Son of No One, a line which gave me new sttegnth for today. “We will thrive, and in spite of out enemies, we will treasure what we love and be happy for the ones we have. For as long as we have them.”

  260. I can always count on Sherrilyn Kenyon for an escape. The world today can be so twisted and cruel. Her books give me strength and hope. Thank you so much for what you do and please continue.

  261. Okay, I was looking forward to born of defiance. I read the excerpt like 4 times now. I want to read it soooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!

  262. This is for anyone who wants to find Sherrilyn Kenyon books and has a dollar general store near them. I had a major score of four books. One dream hunter and three dark hunter books. All for 12 dollars total! I lost almost every book in the move and my s.k. books where what hurt the most. I am building back up my collection and loving every minute of it!!!

  263. Just finished Instinct! Big changes, big reveals! It was awesome. Want the next book NOW!!!

  264. My cat had kittens. There are 6 little miracles. All are getting dark hunter names. Just have to pick which ones! So happy!!!

  265. Update on kittens. I found one had passed in his sleep yesterday when I got home from work. I never got to name him but he took apiece of my heart with him. I pray everyday for the other five. I have taken to reading the CON books out loud to the kittens. It calms them down and pulls me into a good place.

  266. Made it through the first Con book last night. The kittens seem to enjoy it as much as I do. They all talk at the exciting parts. Makes me smile.

  267. I need to learn how to knit dark hunter designs into the things I make. That would be so awesome!

  268. My first Sherrilyn Kenyon book I ever read became my favorite novel of all time. “STYXX” was brilliantly written and it made me cry, smile, laugh, and cheer when I finished it. I finished the book in four hours not moving one inch the whole time. Now, under my bed I have almost all of Kenyon’s books and I’ve read them so many times but I still love “STYXX” the best. I hope one day she can write a book about Nick becoming friends with Ash again and a book where Urian finds a special someone to help him move on from Phoebe. I even have up to book four of the dark hunter graphic novels and both books of Nick’s stories in graphic novel format. I love Kenyon’s books so much and I hope she always keeps writing them.

  269. I forgot to add (Yes I type a lot get used to it XD) that Sherrilyn Kenyon is now my #1 inspiration in my novel writing and I hope one day I can become as good a writer that she is.

  270. Sent off for the bookmark and keychain from this rewards program. Can’t wait till they get here!!!! Please keep this rewards program going!!!

  271. I fell in love with the dark hunter novels when I ran out of books to read from my regular authors and I saw a couple of her books. I bought them all read them in like a week and got a couple of my friends hooked on sherrilyn kenyon books too. I love this series and hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.

  272. Hello Reader’s,

    Hope your all well. Sherrilynn, you are a genius. Love your hard work and I thank you for dedicating your time and energy toward such wow works. Such a comittment to these characters deserves a bravo zulo. Great job Sherrilynn. You are a genius!

    The picture I am adding is taken at the Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec. You give your fans a wow, so I want to make a big effort to express to you my own sort of WOW! I took my novel, Son Of No One to the Notre Dame Basilica while on vacation. I was sure I would get this picture to share something fantastic back. Oh the Notre Dame Basilica is so wonderful to visit too by the way.

    Your fan,

    Isabelle from Vancouver Island Canada

  273. I started reading SK in college. I was bored and grabbed my roommate and best friends book off her bookshelf (at random) and decided I would read it because of the title…it was The Devil May Cry. I haven’t been able to come back to the reality that the DH world I create in my head with each book is just in my head since haha. I love how vividly descriptive her writing is. And I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can go and get Son of No One since I finished No Mercy and Retribution in 2 days.

  274. I got the puzzle book in the mail yesterday it looks pretty cool.. and i just got instinct last week it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. I think the first Sherrilyn Kenyon book I read was Fantasy Lover several years ago. When I picked up one of her books recently, my brain went, “Why does this all seem so familiar?” Being a historian and a Virgo (which means I’m hardwired to research – and I mean I do such things for fun), I did a bit of ‘hunting’ and pretty much ended up cannon-balling back into the lands of Dark-Hunters and the other, equally scrumptious characters she’s created. Am I excited? The fact that I just went out last night and bought around six of the Dark-Hunter books should be all I need to say on the subject.

  276. Hello. I am excited to be new to Sherrilyn Kenyon Menyon.
    I have been purchasing Sherrilyn’s League series and now have started reading. So yes I am a newbie. πŸ™‚
    My first experience, Born of Night.
    I am in love!
    I couldn’t put it down and fell in live with Nyk. I am now reading Born if Fire. I am hooked!
    I am creating my Sherrilyn Kenyon pinterest board and I am purchasing any and all of her series. Love!

  277. My most recent mixed media art journal page. I think I might do a page for each of the books as I read them. This one was for Night Pleasures. It’s the quote from Kyrian about wooden stakes.

    “A wooden stake through the heart will kill just about anything. And if it doesn’t, run like hell.” Love it!

  278. Super pumped for the next League book!!
    I redeemed my next few prizes today and am aiming for the puzzlebook next. So excited :’D

  279. It started with a mixup at Wal-Mart, and ending in an absolute addiction. I had never heard of CON but, the cover for Infamous really caught my eye. I picked it up and the back of the book said that Infamous was both the first and third book of the series (thanks Wal-Mart). I bought the book and before I knew what happened, I was hooked. I have since read the series 6 times (once for each book).

  280. A mixed media art journal page with a quote from Night Embrace. I’m thinking about doing a page with a quote from Sunshine, too!

  281. OK as I said in a recent story about me, I am new to Kerrilyn Kenyon.
    I began with the League series. I am currently reading Born of Fire. I have to tell you, these are magnificent!!!! Wow! I am hooked. I have purchased all of the League and Dark Hunter series that are available thus far. Kerrilyn writes like no other. Her style is riveting and flows. I love the cocky humor of her characters and the splendid beauty of their souls and who they are inside and out. You an also see a real humanity in many of her characters as they can be related to many people in real life situations. I love these reads and have them on Kindle and books on my home liabray shelves.
    Menyon for life!! <3

  282. My newest mixed media art journal page. If you have Talon, you have to have Sunshine!

    “He was a Chunky Monkey container and all I could think was, ‘Someone get me a spoon.'”

    Love it!

  283. I came across Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series when I was 18 and I came across Kiss of the Night , and borrowed it from my local library since at this stage from my reading habits I am transitioning from the Harlequin novels to the “real” novels , and since I have always had a weakness that anything paranormal, |I thought I will give it a whirl, and since then I h ave been hooked to the series!!!

    Her books have also helped me relax on most days and inspired a few poems have written in the past .

  284. I love her all of her books, and have read them extensively. I wait eagerly for each book. I’m a history buff and love all these new adaptions of the myths and gods. If I had to pick a favorite books it would have to be Sins of the Night. What an interesting story with Alexion and Danger. And that was a very exciting ending that I’m sure no had expected. I can’t wait for her next books and I hope to read her books throughout the rest of my life!

  285. Just got my year of the dragon keychain and bookmark in the mail!!!!!!!! I love this rewards program!!!! Please add more books lol.

  286. Her books have been a godsend to me more than usual lately. I’ve been battling a syndrome I should never have developed for almost 6 months. reading her books have helped keep me sane and make me feel almost normal. I was so upset when i was to sick to see her in wisconsin on the 25 of april. But I truly love her books. Im planing to start her CON series ive read all the League books so far and im catching up on the Dark- Hunter series.

  287. My daughter, my husband and myself are huge fan of the books. Generally we listen to the audio book versions while we are working or traveling. I love having the books, but it’s so nice being able to listen to them when there’s not much time to devote to sitting down to read. My favorite part other than the books themselves is being able to share them with my family. You should hear some of our dialog around here. We often use Simi’s words .. “Tracy don’t like the word no!” love, Love, LOVE being a part of this world.

  288. How insane that Born of Defiance is coming out in less than two weeks?! I’m so excited, now that my semester is over I can read the novel and all its delicious content without worrying about school!! :’D
    Oh Talyn, Felicia, I impatiently await!

  289. This might be silly but the picture above is a picture of my RP character…I’m sure you can manage to figure out who her parents are. (Made with X-Girl creator on, just wanted to give credit to the game maker.)

    Though I haven’t read much of anything in the last 2 years, and I am currently getting back into the Dark-Hunter world again, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter series has had the biggest impact in my entire 24 years of life. At my first job in a grocery store I was back in the book section and saw this amazing cover that just stood out from all the rest. It was Dark Side of the Moon, and I was 16. This book could not have come into my life any sooner. I was in a bad place and thinking bad things, and when I read this book it changed my entire outlook on life. I had more to live for then just myself. So I talked to my parents and got the entire series of books that were out at the time. Some years later when I was 18 though I made a horrible choice and lost most of the books I had come to love so much along with most of the things that made me who I was. Some years later I was saving my money and started to buy the books again. Now I have most and they are a reminder of why I should keep living. I wouldn’t even know how to help people the way I do without those books. And I do help people. After seeing what life could be for most people I try to help people see their are worse things out there.

    I also feel a deep connection with Acheron. I have been used many times for many things in my life…and unfortunately had something happen that I won’t share at all in detail, but I’m sure Acheron at the start felt the way I did. Its a horrible thing that nobody should ever have to go through. And I hope that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books help everyone to keep safe, and learn new things. ^_^

  290. one of the many collages ive made with quotes from the books ive loved so much. some are funny and some have so much meaning to them that the remind you of how good things are. Simi’s quote about family means so much to me.

  291. I just wanted to say how great it is that complete strangers from all around can feel the same things for an author and her world. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world of the dark hunter makes fighters of us all. We can also be someone’s salvation. Her books really make me think about the choices I have made and who I want to be.

  292. I got the CON book from the rewards program! Now to shoot for the temp tattoo. I know that all of the Kenyon series are going to be ones that I will be able to reread for the rest of my life. There are so many of them all together that reading out of order or in order will fill the times when I want to just skim over books and get to details that intertwine in the series.

  293. Born of night was the first book i read by her and I have since fallen in love with all her books. Though the league series will always have a special spot because that book is what made me fall in love with reading again.

  294. Hope everyone had a great Saturday! And a great free comic book day. I reread all of my s.k. magna and comics today in celebration with getting some new comics.

  295. I was looking for a book to read in the library when I found a book they just got in as a lone. It was Fantasy Lover.. I thought what the heck it couldn’t hurt.. Took it home read it and I was hooked..That was a few years back.. I couldn’t get enough.. I read every one of her Dark-Hunter,that lead to her Dream-Hunter,then the Were-Hunter,so on.. I even have gotten a few friends into her as will.. Even my youngest daughter is into her Nick series..She has open my eyes to other great Authors.. I just wish they would make her books into T.V series or Movies… I hope she never stops her Series..She is so good at written..You can feel the emotions of all her characters..I am now reading her League series. I like to thank her for bringing light,laughter,and love for reading back into the world…

  296. Zarek’s page in my art journal! I love when he’s talking about Astrid. That whole dream sequence was pretty epic, too. Basically…I love Zarek. Crazy, unstable, and probably one of the sweetest guys (under all the/perhaps despite all of the crazy). I mean, come on. Keep in mind, I read Seize the Night before reading Dance with the Devil…I wanted to punch him through a wall in Seize. But then I read Dance…and I wanted to cuddle him. I can’t win for losing over here!

  297. Astrid’s page, which sits next to Zarek’s <3

    Astrid and Sasha's interactions (which you should all go read if you haven't yet) were epically amusing and I can't wait for Sasha to get a book! Also, Astrid's interactions with Acheron and Simi were pretty great, too!

    When I found quotes from both Zarek and Astrid, about each other, that had to do with laughter…yeah. Pretty much guaranteed that both would be used.

  298. And time to brace for the work week to begin again….. why can’t I just get paid to hunt the things that go bump in the night?

  299. Happy Monday everyone!!! Don’t forget to read at least a minimum of one chapter a day of s.k. it makes everything better!

  300. I am so excited for the next s.k. book! I wish several would come out at once lol!!!

  301. I need to find something creative I could do in honor of sherrilyn Kenyon and her dark hunters…. just do not know what to do yet…. wish me luck!

  302. No mad hatters or white rabbits needed here. I fell into the dark-hunter world 5 years ago and stayed, with no intention of leaving. How can you not love the sarcastic pains who like to surprise us at every turn?

  303. I am so glad to have received all of my rewards!! I can’t wait for more rewards to be up for grabs!! Love you Sherri!!

  304. It is almost Friday!!! I cannot wait for born of defiance!!! Who else is excited and getting it asap? I know I am

  305. waiting to get infinity in the mail so excited cant wait to start this series and my birthday is today. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  306. Its Friday!!!! Time to read all weekend long and enter another world! Cannot wait!!!

  307. Okay I have been rereading the dark hunter books. It is time for Styxx…but I remembered how hard I cried! It took me days to get through and it is so painful. Talon is my first dark hunter that I read about but Styxx is the first one that made me so emotional I actually had to put the book down over and over again to just cry.

  308. Not matter which book it is by S.K., there is always a feeling of hope that I get. That means more to me than I can ever say.

  309. I just wanted to say, thanks to you I enjoy reading. I have always had a hard time getting into a book, but I just can’t get my nose out of The Dark Hunter series. Amazing, exciting, fun reads!!!!! Thank you, Sherrilyn.

  310. Started reading Paradise City!!! A s.k. book that I never knew existed!!!! So excited!!!!!

  311. Got My year of the dragon keychain just in time for my daughters birthday, came in handy because I didn’t have anything to get her for it, and she loves the books so it was a good gift! we love these books so much!

  312. Oh and once i get a picture loaded to my computer I’ll show you the dark hunter cosplay outfit we put together for her dark hunter persona, heheh I’m so gona make one for myself as well!! now we need a dark hunter larping group in our area, lol maybe we’ll make one our selves, lol

  313. Does anyone here have the Double Bow and Arrow tattoo? I am thinking on getting it, it’s the only tattoo idea that has stuck in my head for this long (3+ years). If you do have the tattoo where is it located at on your body?

  314. I cannot wait for the new series that s.k. is coming out with!!!! Hopefully plenty of pirates!!!

  315. Started reading many years ago and have enjoyed greatly. Sherrilyn’s books are wonderful and the worlds she has created give me a big release for the day-to-day trials and tribulations. I was adopted and found my biological half-sister 2 years ago and while getting acquainted I introduced her to the Dark-Hunter series. Since then she was unable to get them at her local library so in addition to my paperback and hardcover copies I bought her a Nook and purchased every single one of the books and put on it for her to read (and the rest of us when traveling too – LOL). Now she and her daughter are both hooked. Thank you so much Sherrilyn for the escape you have given us and the fantastic characters and worlds you have created.

  316. Am going to buy the new league book this weekend…. couldn’t do it sooner due to money problems. So excited!!!!

  317. so i never had much intrest in reading books i was a sports and socializing type of person..until i broke my foot in basketball practice and was bed ridden for two months,my brother came in with acherons book and told me if i was bored to read it he said it made him cry… naturaly i wanted too see what had made my tough as nails brother cry.! from the very first sentence of acherons book i was hooked! because it was the first book i ever fully read it had taken me 3 weeks to read :/ after that i had gone out to the library ‘for the first time ever’ and borrowed every dh book and then went too every book shop and brought the rest of the were hunter books.. only regret is i wish i had started reading earlier :/…..

    p.s. i would pay whatever i had too for a book on jaden or savitar haha

  318. Okay. Daemon’s Angel was fantastic and I don’t even know what else to say. If you haven’t read it then do. So wonderful. S.K. is amazing!!!!

  319. The DH books got me through seven surgeries in three years (at that time, I was re-reading the books that were out). But I have never stopped loving the DH world. I have Artemis’ symbol tattooed on my right arm which is my first (and probably only) tattoo. I can’t wait for the next book!

  320. My partner of 24 years was looking for a book for me as we are always surprising each other with books. She was hoping to find the next book in the Christine Feehan series I was reading and had no luck. The only ones she could find was the one I had just finished. So going on the recommendation on the cover the book I had just finished, she picked up a Sherrilyn Kenyon book. Now of course it was like number 22 in the Dark Hunter Series. She read the cover and thought I might like it. Now the freak I am if I get a book that is part of a series I like to have all of them before I start reading the series. After 2 chapters I called her at work and we made a trip to a book store, and they had to order them all. I now have all of her series and have read them all at least once and some more than twice. My favorite to date in the dark hunter series is Acheron with Styxx as a close second. As long as she keeps writing I’ll keep reading. Thank you for creating worlds that I would love to live in. I just finished “Born of Defiance” Bought it he day it came out and had to finish another book I was reading. That said I had the book three days before I picked it up to read it and I just finished it. I am so in love with the Talyn character that I have named one of our new puppies after him. I loved this book.

  321. I need bookshelves. I have what the love of my life calls “the library of congress.” The small bookcase that I have is full and now a wall is lined with stacks of books. I have given S.K. books their own shelf of course.

  322. Hump day! As the three day weekend is approaching I am thrilled. My final exam is tomorrow and then I am free to read after work again!!!! So happy I could cry!!!!

  323. love all of her books waiting to get my hands on her latest release. my fingers are just itching to fell it in my hands and begin reading it πŸ™‚ i know it will be amazing just like all of her other books.

  324. I have my final today. I cannot wait for it be over and have that 3 day weekend. I am doing nothing but reading my romance novels. My to read pile is huge. I am catching up on the league series first. Wish me luck!

  325. finally get to order my copy of born of defiance to bad its a holiday weekend and will take forever to get here. oh well just got to wait a little bit longer πŸ™‚

  326. Loving the reading over this weekend. But I am making sure to take the time to visit this website and earn the points!!! I love this rewards program!!!

  327. I have been a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal book lover since I was a kid! I was never big into romance stuff until adulthood. Enter Sherri’s Dark-Hunter series which appealed to ALL of my novel loves!!! I stumbled across her books in the library about 2 months ago. The first book I read was Dark Side of the Moon. I knew I was reading them out of order but had to wait for the library to transfer the earlier ones to me. So, I jumped in the middle and was hooked!! I scoured the library system and grabbed all the DH books they had, I then convinced my Dad to check out the DH books his library (different system) had for me. I was able to gather almost the entire series. What the libraries don’t have I bought and will purchase the others later. I truly love this series and hope to meet Sherri at her signing when she comes to Atlanta in August. My husband was aghast to learn there are more than 20 books in the series…he’s jealous enough that I bring them to bed to read. Now he’ll never get away from them!!!!

  328. I just got Born Of Fury in hardback at BAM (books a million). Got it for $7.00. I love bookstores!!!

  329. I’m waiting for my copy of ‘Night Play’ to arrive! So excited! I read it not long ago, and I’ll get to reread it as soon as it gets here!

  330. I truly love this rewards program. It rocks! Cannot wait till they add new rewards that we can trade in points for!!!!

  331. I am an audible listener and I was looking for a paranormal series to start. Acheron’s book kept popping up and I put it on my wish list where it stayed for about a year! Finally I was just tired of reading series’ that after the 3rd book the writer starts recycling story lines or doesn’t advance the story. So out of a wish and a prayer I gave the dark-hunter series a try and got Fantasy Lover. Oct 29,2009 I became hooked. I honestly keep my audible account so I can get all of her books ASAP. Every year before a book is released I re-listen to the books. Just finished The League series and starting on the Dark-Hunter series getting ready for Dragonbane.

    I have ALL of SK’s books from ALL series on audible (sadly not all of her series are in audible) and ALL of her series on the kindle. I don’t go anywhere without my best friends!

    My son who is 11 is really into Greek mythology and for the summer reading I got him (OK me too) the CON books. I can’t wait for him to start but I do have to be the responsible parent and read the material first πŸ™‚

  332. I need to save up to make a trip to meet Sherrilyn Kenyon. It has been a dream for a very long time. Hope I can go soon!

  333. I purchased the latest League novel last Saturday. I started it at 9:30 pm and finished it at 12:30 am. It was awesome! I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for the fun read!

  334. I have the worst headache today. It kills me not because of the pain but because I cannot read during them. It hurts when I think about the stories that I am missing and I get sooooooooooo bored!!!

  335. I came across Sherrilyn Kenyon by pure boredom! *lol* I was at the airport and dreading a long flight and drive from the airport to my final location. Dark Side of the Moon had an appealing cover and sounded interesting but I put it back on the shelf to continue searching for something else. At the last second as I heard my gate being called I grabbed it and ran to the cashier and the rest is history. I fell in love with the many characters and the Dark Hunter world. I went to the bookstore once arriving to that airport and picked up any others from her. When they had very little to pick from I found the nearest book store and started loading up! When I couldn’t afford the book right away I rushed to the library! I have since fallen in love with Sherrilyn herself. Gladly volunteering and helping out at Dragon Con and other conventions she is at. I adore this woman and all she stands for. Her books helped me through a VERY dark time in my life. Escaping to her world helped me live in mine. For that I will always count her as a blessing in my life.

  336. Nothing turns me into an overgrown kid faster than getting a brand new book in the mail. Fantasy Lover arrived and I couldn’t be happier. Now to rescue Julian from my husband. Lol.

  337. Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day…. or not. Wish it would stop storming here. Makes me so sleepy…

  338. Work work work… that is all I feel like I do now. I miss reading more. I love my job but I miss my characters and dark hunter world. Sad sigh here.

  339. When growing up everyone was following the trends of HP and Valley Girl, I could found among the mirror mages and Hobbits and lands long lost. Diving into the books that once were new when my parents and grandparents were young. Thankfully a friend introduced me to SKs books and gave me a new author to search the shelves for.

  340. I am so excited!!! I am putting together a trip to meet sherrilyn Kenyon soon. It has been a dream for years and I cannot believe I am going to do it finally!!!

  341. Son of No One has finally become part of my slowly growing collection. Now to dive in before the party starts and I won’t have time to enjoy.

  342. Wish the dark hunter world was real. I would love to be a warrior in this day and age. I was born too late.

  343. just some inspiration from the books, the one on my forearm is ash’s quote “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” hope you guys like

  344. I have read every book until they have fell apart, then I rebought them and are still reading them. I cant wait for the new ones and read them until they fall apart. I read them when I wake and then at night before bed, sometimes I cant go to sleep until the book is done. I LOVE HER WRITTING, BOOKS, AND CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIES,

  345. You know you are addicted when you can’t walk pass the book section without looking for the newest addition and your spouse builds you a book shelf bigger than Acheron and Styxx side by side to hold your addiction.

  346. This is for anyone ever hurt by another. Rise above it like every character by s.k. does. Never look down. Only ahead.

  347. completely agree with that.^^^^^^^ Its hard to face your demons but if we try anything is possible.

  348. Some days i swear there should be a reward for scrolling through this section on a phone. Lol. Oh well, hope everyone’s day goes well.

  349. You’ve got to love SK. No matter your body type or personal quirks, you can always find a character to relate to who finds their happy ending or beginning.

  350. Is it just me or anyone else feel sorry for Remi and wonder when he will get his own story.

  351. There should totally be a reward for scrolling through this section! On a tablet without a mouse or keyboard it takes forever. Happy Friday everyone!!!

  352. Days like today are always hard on me. Today is my great-great grandmother’s birthday. She would have been 108 and she had a fire in her that could have out lived us all and probably would have if not for her giving up at 99. Nine years and still breaks my heart to miss her. She was the one who encouraged me to look at books that went beyond my parents preference.

  353. I think my tablet is possessed sometimes. Anyone want to send a Deveroux sister to help me out. I have brownies.

  354. Early mornings, crazy kids, goofy husband, and doctors offices. The life of a mom. The only thing more entertaining is if you add a puppy. Please don’t. Lol.

  355. I swear adults can’t share the important information that can literally save their life but my 3 year old will make sure you know everything that is irrelevant 3 or 4 times even when you are the one that told her soeveryone.Oh the joys. Carpe Nocturne everyone.

  356. I have loved your books from the moment I picked up Fantasy Lover, when I found out their was a series I was ecstatic. I still have to finish the series but I can’t help being side tracked by your other books. Your books and my other favourite books/authors keep me company all day. I am so thankful to have found your books they keep me sane when I most need it πŸ™‚

  357. Ahh! I can’t wait for the next Chronicles of Nick book to come out! I love this series!

  358. There is nothing better than my kids being sweet while curled up with a good book.

  359. When reminiscing about the past, you can’t help but feel out of touch because of the way things have changed in the past 20 years. I can’t even begin to what its like to be centuries out of place.

  360. I can’t express enough how glad I am to have found these books. I have faced many troubled times. I can relate to so many of the characters feeling lost and alone. Sherrilyn you have a beautiful way with words. So many quotes have helped me and made me look at things at a differently. I never knew how a book could feel like a vacation, an escape from my own personal thoughts. I love each book that I read and appreciate the time and dedication that goes in to each one!!! Thank you Sherrilyn!!!!

  361. I think I have super mouse living in my house. He can clean a trap without tripping it, walk across glue traps and not get stuck, and escape my dog whose an excellent mouser. Grrr

  362. Well apparently super mouse wasn’t so super. He met his untimely demise with with a water bowl.

  363. I really want the two latest books that have come out for The League series, but no money to get them. I know my library has one of them but I am waiting for the one that comes before it to come back before I jump on them. I just might reread the three books I have of the series.*grabby hands* I needs them all πŸ˜›

  364. I just wanted to share that I am getting married. He loves me…. books and all. We have been together for 7 years. He grumbles about my “library of congress” but gets me shelves. That is love!!!

  365. You know you’ve had a long weekend when you loose your phone in your back pocket and still couldn’t find it.
    Congrats whitewolfaw. Sounds like you found a good one.

  366. I find it funny that I can post something on here and the time is 5 hours ahead of my real time. Lol. I wish I could teleport like that.

  367. Bacon and books. Bacon and books. Bacon and books. COFFEE! Sorry. Lol. My story is pretty boring unless you count the crazies I attract.

  368. At San Diego Comic Con visiting the very popular Booth #1700! Sherri’s booth is always fun….thank you for letting me kiss the poster.

  369. I remember the first SK book I read- Dance With the Devil- it said it ‘wasn’t like your mother’s vampire novels’. I remember laughing because I had stolen it from her room. This was about 3 years ago and now me and my mom are avid SK readers. I just found this site and I think it’s awesome ^.^

  370. Not sure if this counts as a story, but…ahh! I can’t believe the cover of Invision has appeared before my eyes!!!
    Ahhh! I love it! And I can’t wait to read it!!!

  371. Sherry’s books have been a God-send. For the first time EVER my 14 year is reading something other than an homework assignment. She loves the CON books and is on the 5 book. Thank you Sherry for getting my daughter interested in reading.

  372. I was the “taxi” for some co-worker friends who worked with me but got off an hour later than me. I picked up a book light and “Dark Side of the Moon” to read while I waited. I found myself reading it at home and on breaks. I finished it in less than a week. Needless to say, I went out and now have the entire Dark Hunter series. Still working on reading them all (or in some cases, re-reading them) in order this time! (Dark Side makes a lot more sense now.)

  373. Happily Addicted

    I think it was my bestfriends of whom got me addicted. The Dark Hunters universe is fascinating and captivating with incredible character depth that makes you feel like they could jump right out of the book and hug you.. or kill you. When life gets hectic and busy, there’s always a book in my purse (or two) just in case I need a small escape.

    This series has been with me for quite a few years now. It has not only helped improve my writing skills, it has comforted and guided me through emotional times. To this day, I cannot decide which among the many is my favorite book, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to pick just one.

    It has been my pleasure to read this series, and I would love to read more!

    Thank You!

  374. Been reading SK books since 09.
    can’t remember which one I read first but I do know I picked it up because of recommendations from Gena Showalter And Krestly Cole.
    I love how theese three authors and friends have each others characters pop up it their stories! I always feel like hey I know him/her!
    always excited for a new book.

  375. Due to recent events in my neck of the world, I really wish a matemark would appear when you find the one. Some nut job kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and killed her sister after the ex asked for police help and they refused to do anything for her. A mother killed, a woman traumatized, and days of a mad man hunt, all because a man couldn’t handle rejection and a lazy cops refused to arrest a man who destroyed private and corperate property days before.

  376. I think I’ve figured it out. Remi’s other half is not some soft chic who balances him out but she’s even moodier than him and has anger issues that his look like child play. Her favorite stiletto is a 6″ dagger, instead of the heels. And her idea of a date is a bar brawl or two. Hehehe.

  377. no matter what I try to listen to on audible I always go back to the same books. at this point I’m going to be able to narrate the books by memory

  378. cant wait for dragonbane! will there be new prizes put up on this site to redeem with points?

  379. My best friend Angela got me into reading the Dark-Hunter Series by Letting me borrow her book Fantasy Lover. Then I started to collecting them myself. Due to I lived so far away from a local book store, I would find them either at walmart or krogers. Or when I got a chance came up to where I live now to the local second hand book store. The bindings and covers may not be in the best shape. However, I do read them a lot and quite often. I just re-read Styxx book for the third time and working on the Guardian. Time Untime took me three days to read. I am missing a few books from my collection. But I hope to get them to keep up with the next book coming out. I have no pictures of my collection. Though I do hope I will soon.

  380. finally I got my SK fix with Dragonbane. loved it from beginning to end. didn’t want it to end. but alas got a book worth reading again and again. well ever book from the series is worth reading again and again.

  381. I so love your books!.. I only discovered them this year and have been on a reading binge catching up. I found one and that was it! I went to the beginning and have read all I have been able to get my hands on. I just got Dragon Bane today from my library!.. I love how interactive you are on good reads with us and our questions questions questions~ I will keep reading as long as I can get my hands on them. And re reading might start soon!

  382. Its dangerous business walking near the book section in Walmart, knowing that Dragonbane awaits to be purchased. This bookworm needs her fix but has to wait until the funds are available.

  383. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been hooked on Sherrilyn Kenyon. She’s one of the first paranormal romance books I’ve read and I have never regretted a minute of any of the books I have read. I own almost all of her books and some are even falling apart *ahem* Night Embrace and Acheron *ahem* I have demolished (reading wise) book after book. Not only are the books fun and quirky and sexy, they have real meaning in them, they have life lessons cleverly hidden in their depths and I adore them.

  384. I’m rereading the series once again. Sadly I have to recollect all the books T-T. I just finished rereading Julian’s book. Now I’m trying to find out if it’s Dragonswan or Night Pleasures next T-T

  385. I just started reading the Dark Hunter Series and I absolutely love the books. I am reading VAne’s book and may I say that it is so great to read a book about a plus size woman getting some action. LOL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

  386. My daughter introduced me to the DH books sometime around 2009. Even though my ex and I read avidly, she had never been a reader before. As a matter of fact a DH book was the very first actual novel she had ever read and I was so stunned at the time I took a picture of her reading. I was so excited that my teenager had finally started reading books for pleasure that I read them too……WOW. Now I understood why she loved them.

    I am re-reading the series from start to finish. There have been a few new books added since I last read Acheron. And since they are such amazing books I now am buying them all in hardback because I know they are a permanent part of my collection.

  387. audible has a few sk books 2 for 1. take advantage there’s nothing like being able to listen to one of the books without being interupted

  388. Re-reading born of fury. They is no way you cannot fall in love with Hauk. No matter what league book I read Hauk just makes it that much better.

  389. Hi Sherrilyn! There’s no words to express my admiration your huge talent. I think I started reading your books back when I was still in highschool when I discover Dragonswan and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. It was a treat for us to read your books in our local public library and it’s sad that we can’t get anymore. So I promised myself when I got to work overseas, I would help my fellow fans from Philippines to get their dream book (and yes, it’s a toss-up between Styxx and Vane’s book. lol). So, I became an very active admin in our SKFPhils group and together with the help of other hardworking and dedicated admins, we were able to revived an old group. We now have monthly book giveaways to those who would join our monthly book discussions. We’ve also met a lot of good people from around the globe who are as crazy about your books as we are. Hopefully, our group will continue to grow, as it has been, since 2011. BIG Hugs, Sherrilyn and I hope you would continually inspire Filipino readers like me, to form their own groups, roleplay and even write their own books someday. Keep it, rocking!

  390. I first started my Kenyon fix when I found Dark Embrace at our University Library during my third year. Since then, I have been reading any SK book I could get my hands on. Because I’m really amazed by AG’s genius, I have put up the Sherrilyn Kenyon Fans, Philippines group in FB. It has been already four years but I’m happy to say that every new member that joins keeps the fandom fire burning within me for Sherri’s books! More power to Sherri!!!

    Mabuhay! from the Philippines

  391. I can’t wait for Fain’s book. I’ve been on a league kick lately getting myself ready for his awesomeness.

  392. Just bought a bunch of books. A second copy of Dragonbane, Born of Defiance and a few others. LOVE her work <3

  393. Hi all, I am a newly made Mention. I’ve just recently begun the Dark Hunter series. I noticed the books on Amazon and it was constantly being reccomended to me however I put it off for as long as I could.. I read fast and the books were a bit pricey.. Finally I could no longer put it off as I had read everything else… I was hooked from the first page. It’s been so
    Long since a book has completely captivated me. I had a hard time finding another quality series after I finished Black dagger Brotherhood everything else was garbage after that until I found this series.. I have to say I love it even more than the BDB series. I started a week ago and I’m on book 7 now… I can’t put the books down.. Every book is better than the last and I am thoroughly convinced I need to get an Artemis mark dark hunter tattoo to feel like my life is complete

  394. Hi all, I am a newly made Mention. I’ve just recently begun the Dark Hunter series. I noticed the books on Amazon and it was constantly being reccomended to me however I put it off for as long as I could.. I read fast and the books were a bit pricey.. Finally I could no longer put it off as I had read everything else… I was hooked from the first page. It’s been so
    Long since a book has completely captivated me. I had a hard time finding another quality series after I finished Black dagger Brotherhood everything else was garbage after that until I found this series.. I have to say I love it even more than the BDB series. I started a week ago and I’m on book 7 now… I can’t put the books down.. Every book is better than the last and I am thoroughly convinced I need to get an Artemis mark dark hunter tattoo to feel like my life is complete

  395. Mabuhay!

    It was around 2008 or 2009 that I had my first dark hunter story (Night Play).
    Since then, I became an avid and loyal fan. I adore your works, AG. Your ‘everything is not what it seems’ motto really impresses me. Not only do they unceasingly entertain and trains my discerning and ‘reading between the lines’ (for body language and nonverbal cues) abilities but, they teach and permit me to learn and experience life-altering lessons on life itself. For that, I will forever be humbled, grateful and thankful because God chose you as one of His instruments to reach me just in time during my darkest moments. Thank you so much for touching my life thru your works and for sharing your talents and insights on what the ‘real’ world really looks like. May God bless you always!

    Peace and cheers! <3

  396. I’ve been reading Sheri’s books for about 5 years now. And love her work, I would sooo love to meet her too. But I haven’t seen anywhere that she comes around the Min., Wi. area.Oh well. I have all the Dark hunter Series on my Kindle and am working hard on getting them on my shelves at home. I’m trying to as many hardbacks as I can find. Any who enough jabber…bye

  397. I listen to her books on audio…and sometimes the same ones over and over because there’s always something new to reconnect to the story…Can’t wait for more of Thorn!

  398. I have been a fan of Sherrilyn for many years. I love every one of the dark hunter novels that i have read so far. But above all else, it was Acheron I loved the most. His story had to be one of the most tragic, as well as triumphant i have seen. Styxx and Zarek are both in my top story set as well. But the story i would love to read the most is Savitar’s. He is said to be the last of his kind, i would love to know why. I’m also greatly anticipating the finale to Nick Gautier’s story as well.

  399. I began reading Sherrilyn Kenyon about six months ago, beginning with Born Of Night (first book in The League series) and instantly fell in love with the series. I was never the strongest reader, and it took me until high school to find an author I enjoyed and captivated me (I have read nearly every Stephen King novel there is). I never found another author that captivated my attention so completely. 9 years later, I stumbled across Sherrilyn Kenyon and I have not been able to put her novels down. Born Of Night took me roughly a week to finish even while reading constantly. Within a month and a half I finished the entire series, falling deeper in love with Kenyon’s writing. I took a sabbatical from reading due to personal issues until about a month ago, when I came back with a vengeance. I picked up her fabled Dark-Hunter series and within this month, have finished about half of the long series.
    Being a male in my 20’s, I never expected a Romance novel to captivate my attention, yet here I am, in love with these books. I don’t think Sherrilyn can write fast enough for me to read! In six short months, I went from being able to read 10 pages in an hour, to an entire 400 page novel in just short of seven hours.
    If you are truly a fan, I urge you to go onto, which have her novels, as well as countless other authors, for as little as $3.57 per book. I am creating an impressive collection and have no intentions of slowing down.

  400. I started reading Sherrilyn Kenyon while in therapy for my depression and such (still a touchy subject but hey I’m working on it). Her world and characters gave me distraction and laughter when I needed it most. They still give me great entertainment today as I re-read them again and wait eagerly for the next release. Thank you for helping me through one of my hardest periods of my life and giving me one more thing to look forward too.

  401. Hi. I’m from Argentina. I must Confese I used to hate love books but I love SCI-FI, I’m a kind of nerd…!! jaja
    I discovered Sherry, once I was boring in my workplace and since then I can’t stop reading her, Dark Hunters, Dream Hunters, Werehunters and Hellchasers’ series, Nick’s Serie, League’s serie… Good Lord!!! Even twice or three times, The sad thing is her books are not know at my country very much, so I can’t find those on bookshops.
    Well… I have too much to saying but… suddenly I have no inspiration… just Thanks and please keep writing…
    Best Regards from the edge of the world!!!

  402. Looks like I am one of the only guys that read these books or has left a comment. Anyhow, I am a truck driver and when I am on the road I love listening to your books. I have listened to every book you have put out. I am a big fantasy fan and love the stories you tell. I just discovered you a couple of months ago, but I listen to at least 3-5 books a week. Can not wait for the next one. Huge fan of Acheron and Nick.

  403. My sister brought the first book of The Chronicles of Nick home one day, and I stole it. From the moment I opened it, Kenyon has been my favorite author! I have bought each new book as soon as it comes out and I am very proud of my collection! I’ve been addicted to these books since I was in 6th grade! I’m now almost a junior in college! I will be a Menyon forever!

  404. I’ve been lucky to find most of my DH collection for $1 or cheaper. I only had to pay full price for Styxx and the Dark Hunter Companion. $22 for the companion and $9 for Styxx.

    I live in Sterling Hts MI and I go to the local community collage, Macomb Community Collage, and this year they held their first convention. I went as Acheron though I am Female and Five Foot. It was fun.

    I would love to meet Mrs. Kenyon in person. And if I had to pick some books out of the collection for her to sign it would be Acheron, Styxx, and the Dark Hunter Companion.

  405. Hey Sherrilyn Kenyon fans!

    Guess what! K-Con is back!!!

    Yes, you heard right, K-Con will happen again next year. Marie Sherman and myself, Sheila Parsley are so excited to bring to you the convention that celebrates the Author goddess and her books that we all love so much. This is a fan run event that Sherri will attend so please contact Marie or myself if you have any questions about it. We have an official K-Con 2017 facebook page that you can get up to date information as we post it.

  406. My oldest sister introduced me to the Dark-Hunter series. I lost her to breast cancer in 2014. Several months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment including several rounds of chemotherapy. I read the entire series start to finish while in treatment. Her books helped get me through some of the worst moments in my life, and makes me feel closer to my sister when I read them. I often reread the series while waiting impatiently for her next book to release. My biggest dream is to someday attend K-con and meet Sherrilyn Kenyon in person

  407. I met Sheri years ago at a convention in New Orleans (WHAT FUN it was!) I was honored to get to talk to her about her life and her stories. She really is a fun and approachable lady. As a mother of three sons, I especially enjoy her stories about the men in her life LOL. I began reading her books way to long ago to admit, practically from the beginning, and sadly I stopped. The last book I read was Acheron and it was SO hard to read I had to walk away for a while. It was well written, but a difficult read. I feel like he is someone I love and to hear such horrible details about his life… Well anyway, I remember what an outstanding author Sheri is so I am going to start reading them again, and I am seriously considering just starting from the beginning. To: Ellen Kufner I’d like to say I am so happy you had this to see you through such a difficult time. I am hope and pray your cancer has found remission and that you remain healthy! HAPPY READING

  408. I’ve started reading the paranormal genre when my sister encouraged me to read Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’. I was so adamant to do so since I was never one to actually read books which were thick and had small fonts. But either way, I did and got hooked.

    After reading all 4 Twilight books, I looked for more paranormal books and came across many other authors but only Sherrilyn Kenyon really got me to *obsessively* follow the paranormal genre since she fused the paranormal with my other favorite–Greek mythology. I first got to read ‘Night Pleasures’ and finished it in a day! I loved it so much that I had to find more of these books. Ever since then, I’ve collected all the Dark-Hunter books (paperback, hard bound, and e-book alike).

    While waiting for new releases, I looked for Sherrilyn’s other works and again, got me hooked on The League series. I’m not much for Sci-Fi but the way Sherrilyn describes it, I could not stop my imagination from coming to life.

    A few months after collecting most of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter and The League series, a devastating thing happened in the Philippines. There was a storm which flooded ever part of Metro Manila–Typhoon Ondoy, as we would call it. Flood waters reached until the middle part of the second floor of each house. If a house didn’t have a second floor, it would be submerged in flood waters. Unfortunately, our house was a bungalow but it sat higher than any other house so flood waters would only reach until the ankle part. During that time, the only people in our house was our maid and I. My parents and younger sister were out attending my sister’s friend’s birthday. We had to make sure that most of our things didn’t get caught soaked in flood waters.

    I had a lot of books that time. Books from elementary, high school, college, and a lot of other books from other paranormal authors. But the most that my “library” had was from Sherrilyn Kenyon. Those were the first ones that I packed up and kept sealed in a plastic crate. I loved them so much that I didn’t care much for saving the appliances or clothes.

    Another instance was when our house had to get renovated. After having flood scares, my dad decided to add a second floor to the house. Although we had to pack a lot of stuff, others had to go via a week-long garage sale (that’s how long it lasted). Books that I didn’t need or already read had to be gone. The only books that I kept (even if my parents told me that I had to sell them since I’ve already read them and didn’t have any other purpose but entertainment) were the Dark-Hunter and The League series. I sold my other paranormal books except for Sherrilyn’s.

    So now, even if I already have the physical books, I still had to have the e-books so that if (when) I want to re-read them, I didn’t have to lug around a thick, hard-bound book but I can read it anytime, anywhere since it’s already saved in my phone.

    Now, I’m excited to see what Sherrilyn has in store for Falcyn in ‘Dragonsworn’. While waiting for it, I will be going back to re-reading the whole Dark-Hunter (and also, The League) series for the 5th time. I hope to see more though. Maybe stories of the next generation (children of the Dark-Hunters)… definitely looking forward to Bas’ story. Thank you for the ride, Sherrilyn!

  409. Hi Sherrilyn,

    First of I want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful world. Second, I want to say thank you for giving me hope. I’ve done a lot of horrible things in my life but your stories show that sometimes all we need is someone to see the light inside of us. It gives me hope for the future. To know that I’m not irredeemable. To know that one day someone will be there for me. To know that I can be loved. So thank you. And lastly, Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  410. Hi Sherrilyn. I’ve been reading all your books for over a year now. The D.H. series has inspired me in so many ways. I have had life situations happen that your characters gave me the strength to combat. Because of their thoughts and actions I stood up for myself and I’m so glad I was reading the right book at the right time. Also I adore your love scenes, they are fabulous and help keep that spark going! Lastly thank you for your bold writing. Keep it up because I don’t know what I’ll do when these great reads come to an end! What a pleasure this Kenyon marathon has been! Sincerely, Corinne

  411. I met my best friend because of your work, we bonded over your various wolds and renamed each book after our favorite characters. Meaning, the only 2 book names we actually get right are Acheron and Styxx.
    To the day I think the thing she loves the most is a signed copy from you of Acheron.
    I never really know what I’m signing up for when I pick up something with the name Sherrilyn Kenyon on the cover, will it make me unfathomably happy or cry with this despair only your scenarios can cause? You take your readers to a place that few authors venture in, and I admire that.
    I truly believe that you introduced me to my best friend, and I’ll be doing my damnest to introduce her to you one day, I hope.
    Not sure if you ever read these but I hope that you’re well, or if not that well is just around the corner.
    Thank you, Chantal.

  412. Okay. I’m going to be 500% honestly with all y’all. I started this serious like some of the stories I’ve read on here. My mother finally allowed me to read the books and holy hell, I’m glad that she did. Like y’all have no idea how happy that she allowed me to read the books. (I believe I was 17 when she let me?).
    When I first read them, I was excited because vampires and shifters. How could I not be happy? Two of my favourite things were placed together and not all them hated each other. Man, was I excited. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through all the books when I when them the first time because of issues that made me stop reading. I got over the issues when Dragonbane came out. I swear, I stared at the title of the book and the only thing I saw was “Dragons. The books is about Dragons.” I read it and spoiled things for myself. It was after I read Son of No One and wanted more.
    Because I’m a strange person and I can’t read a book that doesn’t match what I have, [meaning if all my books are paperback, then I won’t read the next book until it comes out in paperback. It’s strange, I know] I recently just read Dragonmark. Was I disappointed? No. Was I happy? Very much so. This caused me to want to reread some of the books I had already read AND read the books that I skipped. I’m currently beginning Kiss of the Night for the second time.
    With all this being said, I want to talk about my favourite thing about the Dark Hunter world.
    I love the world.
    As an aspiring writer, one of my favourite things to do is to world build. To create a world that no one knows but yourself and to have the ability to create said world into words and draw people in, it’s a feeling I would love to have. I adore the world Mrs. Kenyon has built and I’m obsessed with it. I love everything about the world from how the Daimons were created down to the nitty gritty details of real life cities everything about this world is amazing. I can see myself walking down the street in New Orleans and looking at Dev as he watching people come in and out of Sanctuary. I can see this and I LOVE it. I just love this world so much and I can’t wait for the day I create something like this.
    Reading a world like the one Mrs. Kenyon has created has been inspiring me to create a world as massive as this. Maybe I will. But first, let me finish drowning in the world that is Dark Hunter. I only have 23 more books to go! [Thank you, Mrs. Kenyon, for creating an amazing world with amazing characters! You’re amazing~ I guess there are some people that do create magic by using words]

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