Sins of the Night Re-read
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Sins of the Night Re-read

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The following post, written by a guest blogger, is open for you to participate with your comments. SPOILER ALERT! These posts and discussions can include spoilers for the book’s plot. We recommend you finish reading the book before delving any further.


Welcome to the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter Re-Read. From the first time Simi used barbeque sauce… to listening to the Howlers play Sanctuary …to Ash (need we say more?!), this is where you can re-live the great moments of the series. Delve into posts written by DH experts and super fans picked by Sherrilyn, talk to your fellow Menyons, and earn points with the Kenyon Rewards Program all while enjoying a walk down memory lane, Dark-Hunter Style.

For you newbies, welcome to your new life because with the Dark-Hunters, it’s more than a series, it’s a world.

We will be reading all of the Dark-Hunter and Dream-Hunter books in 2015. Visit the Re-Read homepage for the schedule and contact us if you have any questions.

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This round, I have been listening on Audible, and honestly, I should not be driving in rush hour traffic in the middle of Atlanta when there is a planned Dark-Hunter uprising.

Acheron has sent in his second-on-command, Alexion-one sentenced to a life of Shadedom, but who has the power to pass judgment on Dark-Hunters when they step out-of line. But that’s not his real job. His job is to try and talk sense into them and save as many as he can from their own idiocy.

Alexion or rather Ias, was one of the first Dark-Hunters created over seven thousand years ago. And sadly, he was the one who taught Acheron the loophole and snafu Artemis made when she came up with the deal for restoring Dark-Hunter souls. The guilt of what followed has haunted Acheron ever since. But Ias’s death paved the way for the rest of the Hunters to have the lives and the Out Clause that they now take for granted.
Even so, his existence with Acheron and Simi isn’t perfect. And the one duty he has that he’d rather not is that of judge and jury on the Dark-Hunters whenever they decide to rise up against Acheron and turn on him and mankind. Unlike Astrid with Zarek in Dance with the Devil, who judges a single Hunter, Ias’s job is to deal with a mob of pissed-off Dark-Hunters and to try and save them from their own misguided fears that Acheron is using them for whatever reason they’ve mistakenly gotten into their heads this century. He is to try and talk sense into them before it’s too late and then to kill those who cannot be saved before they cause more loss of life.

 This time, his duties take him to Mississippi, where he lands right in the home of Dangeruese St. Richard. Danger was killed by her husband while trying to protect her family from the guillotine in 1752 France. 

Danger is one of the first female Dark-Hunters to be explored in great length in the series, and I remember thinking I wouldn't care for the female version of the species, but I found I really liked her.

Though, Danger is as suspicious of Alexion at first as I was of her, she does realize that Alexion isn’t the real bad guy and that they are all being played. Working with Alexion, she tries to help him save the Hunters who have become her family, including Kyros who was one of Alexion’s oldest friends when they were human, and the one who started this latest uprising. But as they continue on, they realize that all of them are really puppets in a much larger, and more deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

I honestly had to grab the box of tissues while driving down the road with Audible loud and proud inside my truck and me blowing my nose and wiping my eyes. Never mind the guy honking behind me who didn’t realize what had been lost and then restored, as I wove through the streets of Atlanta. I won’t spoil the end, but suffice it to say, it was a good one. I enjoyed this story as it reveals a bit more about the Dark-Hunters, but still leaves enough mystery to keep me wanting more even on this second read, years later. And true to Kenyon form the comic relief of the Charonte demons kept me laughing all through the book. I fell in love with Simi, who chews up the tidbits she orders off QVC. By the end of the story, I was seriously wishing I had my own little Charonte demon to hang around in my defense and to max out my credit cards just for fun. I always did want a tattoo!

Favorite Quote

“Get off me, you lard-ass, halitosis, flea-infested horror-movie reject!” —Alexion


“As Nietzsche said, ‘that which doesn’t kill you– ’” —Alexion
“Will only require brief hospitalization. And if you’re a Dark-Hunter, just a good day’s sleep.” —Danger


“Oh yeah, this was so comforting. Like a porcupine in a condom factory.” —Danger


“Lucille certainly picked a fine time to leave us, didn’t she? I just wish our only problem was four hungry children and a crop in the field.” —Danger
“You know, your sarcasm isn’t helping anymore than your bizarre and scattered references to literature and bad country songs.” —Alexion
“Not true, it’s helping me maintain a calm facade that I most definitely do not feel.” —Danger
“Well, it’s starting to piss me off.” —Alexion

“I’m not an easy lay, Alexion” —Danger
He actually smiled a real smile at her. It was charming and unexpected. “I am.” —Alexion

“You are not human,” the demon announced. “You have no soul.”
“Thank you for the obvious. Did you know you have horns on your head?” —Alexion


“Hmmm. See, in this world, Xirena, the Simi does what she wants and akri, he say, ‘Okay, Simi, whatever you want, Simi.’ Unless it involves eating people; then he usually says no, but that’s the only time. Other than that, he do what the Simi says. See how that works?” —Simi

Conclusion For more about the story behind Sins of the Night, visit Sherrilyn Kenyon's site for The Story Behind the Story, Bloopers, Book Benies and more! Discussion Questions
  1. So my number one question when I first read this story years ago was just what did “other” really mean. How do we really define Alexion in our minds?
  2. What did you think of the relationship between Alexion and Kyros?
  3. What were your thoughts on the Charonte demons? And QVC?
  4. Was the twist ending with Danger as big a surprise to you as it was for me?
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Sins of the Night Re-read

Kim Turner writes western historical and contemporary western romance, and discovered her passion of writing at the age of eight by writing poems, short stories and journals. Kim graduated from Clayton State College with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and later completed her Master’s Degree in Adult Education from Central Michigan University. Working as a registered nurse educator for over twenty-five years she enjoys studying the medical treatments of the old west and keeping up with the latest western movies and television series. While she loves reading anything from highlanders to pirates, she claims to have an unquenchable thirst for the American cowboy when choosing her reads. Kim’s childhood memories include playing girls softball, the drums in band and spending summers on her grandfather’s dairy farm, where her passion for cowboys first began. Kim spent her single years traveling the road with a large group of girlfriends following the country music group Alabama. Later she spent time traveling to New England where she taught the crew of a whale watch vessel CPR in exchange for passage out to see the whales, dolphins and porpoises of the North Atlantic. Kim lives south of Atlanta with her husband and calls her greatest accomplishment the birth of one daughter and the adoption of another from China-neither of which came easy. The family shares their home with three dogs and two fish. Often referring to herself as the midnight writer, Kim’s writes at night when the house is quiet. Kim is a member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers and calls her critique group from Southside Scribes the best thing that ever happened to her writing, that and a pretty wonderful group of beta readers. Sawyer’s Rose, Kim’s first manuscript recently received an honorable mention in the Unpublished Maggie’s for Historical Romance. The same manuscript was recently contracted by The Wild Rose Press. Kim’s motto: IT’S ALL ABOUT A COWBOY AND THE WOMAN HE LOVES.

  1. 1.So my number one question when I first read this story years ago was just what did “other” really mean. How do we really define Alexion in our minds?
    Answer: I define him as a corporal ghost. Because hes dead but not dead at the same time. Hes unique in how his soul makes itself known. Not a shade, not human, not anything he just kinda is. But to make it easier on my brain. I rationalize it as corporal ghost.

    2.What did you think of the relationship between Alexion and Kyros?
    Answer: I thought it was interesting and made the relationship between them make Kyros’s betrayl so much more harder for alexion to judge. It deffinately added something to a book that would of been a bit to much like previous ones.

    3.What were your thoughts on the Charonte demons? And QVC?
    Answer:I love charonte demons, and qvc well. Its sparkly stuff that you wear and make you feel good, and to them. Something edible.

    4.Was the twist ending with Danger as big a surprise to you as it was for me?
    Answer: I actually was not surprised. There were hints at it throughout the book . and I had the feeling ash wouldn’t let Alexion be without the love he had found in danger.

  2. Love these quotes “As Nietzsche said, ‘that which doesn’t kill you– ’” —Alexion
    “Will only require brief hospitalization. And if you’re a Dark-Hunter, just a good day’s sleep.” —Danger Great book!!! Love the series!

  3. My husband bought me a Diamonique engagement ring after reading this book. So QVC has a special place in our lives 🙂

  4. Going back over all the rereads makes me want to start reading the whole series again. I’m probably gonna have to buy new books cause I’ve worn my collection out! Lol.

  5. 1. always thought of him as a ghost like being. pulled me in and it was definately interesting!
    3.i LOVE Charonte demons!!! and just like my mom…they love QVC! made me laugh
    4.not really…Ash would not have let that happen. He tries his best to make everyone be happy.

  6. 1. I would think a ghoul. He’s dead but he also drinks blood like a ghoul. Although he isn’t evil. I also seem to think of a Valkyrie when I think of him, though I know that’s a female only species and their alive. It was just because Alexion, rights wrongs. They both control who will win and die in a battle, but there is less control for Alexion.

    2. I thought it was interesting because they both went back around 9,000 years. It made it harder for Alexion to look past his bias and wanting to helping Kyros that much more, he had a personal stake in Kyros. It reminds me of brother, squabbling but looking out for each other in the end.

  7. *spoiler*

    3. I was curious about them because there were a new species of demons that I was introduced to. Being introduced to Simi first made the Charonte that much funny and lovable, but you still see the deadliness. I am curious as to where they will go from now. I never knew QVC existed until DH, and it plays a very funny part in their world, but in real life I don’t care for it too much.

    4. Yes, I actually thought, Danger would die because Ash doesn’t like to change fate. But I was pleasantly surprised when she did come back to life and didn’t have the same problems as Alexion. I kinda hope that they can have kids but considering their both dead, that probably won’t happen.

  8. Sins of the Night definitely had some of my favourite lines and scenes in it. An a amazing read and a book I always encourage my friends to read.

    P.S. I always thought of Alexion as a ghost on steroids. 😉

  9. 1) I always imagined Alexion as a ghost with special powers. 🙂
    2) It added another layer to the plot and make it more interesting
    3) i adore Charonte demons! They are like those cute puppies but can turn lethal in a bit.
    4) Its very surprising but i am happy that they ended up together!

  10. 1.So my number one question when I first read this story years ago was just what did “other” really mean. How do we really define Alexion in our minds?
    A poor unfortunate soul. Although he is living he as no place except on Ash’s island to live all alone. Even though he can go in a body for a brief moment in time that might make it worse, the torment of know he could never have that again.
    2.What did you think of the relationship between Alexion and Kyros?
    Very interesting.
    3.What were your thoughts on the Charonte demons? And QVC?
    I love the fact that they are so spoiled and loved. and that they can buy anything on QVC. haha i used to watch QVC all the time with my mother.
    4.Was the twist ending with Danger as big a surprise to you as it was for me?
    NO!!! I know Ash has a kind an loving heart. He wouldn’t allow Alexion to find his love just to tease him.

  11. I can’t believe how much info I missed from the first read. So many details are hidden in each book . I think I will have to reread a third time . great read .

  12. This is one of the few i had to stop reading then pick back up. I knew she would have to die but it still made me cry. I love that they had there happy ending even though Danger had to die first. I love Simi and her being a QVC shopaholic. It is so hilarious how she acts with her demon sister and i really love her hatred of the heifer goddess. haha

  13. Alexion had to hate the position Ash put him in. He’s the first shade saved, but in a way that makes him have to drink blood. Ash learns a better way, but too late with Alexion. Then sending him in to be the big bad bully that will bring down the conspiring Dark-Hunters. No pressure there! Then running game into Kyros. That was bittersweet. Best part of book for me was when Alexion and Danger watched Troy together. Alexion gave his age away talking about knowing the real life characters in her movie. How the movie had everything wrong. Danger said she watched the movie to see Brad Pitt’s butt. Alexion and Danger’s whole interaction that night was perfect!
    In real life, Ash couldn’t fabricate enough money to pay for all the Diamonique and stuff off QVC those Charonte could eat. QVC would never sell any to anyone else but Simi and her sister. Lol!!

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